why did not the white walker kill sam? GOT

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Hey very good to all of you, today I bring you the answer to a mystery that I have seen that many people ask themselves but that in reality was solved long ago. why in season two of game of thrones when the white walker sees sam does not kill him

First it is important to mention that this situation does not occur in the books because although he does go to the expedition beyond the wall he never has that encounter with the white walker at that moment so this scene is exclusive of the series. now many theories were created with respect to the scene, the most credible were that perhaps the walker could only see through the movement or that the stones surrounding sam had magic. but no result is true, in an interview that was made to the director of that chapter revealed that the walker did not kill Sam simply because "he was lazy" to put it in some way, sam did not represent a minimum threat to him and I already had a large army so I decided to just keep going. That is the reason given by the director and it is interesting to think that this attitude of the white walker could cost him very expensive since it was Sam who later discovered how to kill the white walker and it is probably thanks to the one they can defeat them. do not forget to leave your vote if you liked it and comment that you thought, greetings ~

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I think he's gonna use him.