💜 Photocard Suga 💜 / Fanart BTS + Step by step

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💜 Photocard Suga 💜

🥀 Step by step 🥀


Steemit's friends, how are you? Well today I come, how strange of me, with a fanart of BTS Suga.




For those who do not know what a photocard is, a photo is literally but the size of a letter and they come with the albums, these are very popular and collectible in the world of Kpop fans (but I do not have any hahaha). So the drawing is the interpretation of one of Suga's photocards in the era of Love yourself "Answer" but in my drawing style.


Step by step


Whenever I start a drawing I make the sketch by hand in my sketchbook.


Then the picture was taken and passed to the computer and then digitized.


To color the hair I put a base color and then I add lights and shadows with the modified marker tool to my liking, I wanted to make the hair tips a little lighter. I paint the skin in the same way as the hair, but only after adding shadows and I blur it with the modified water brush tool to my preference.


I paint the clothes the same as the skin. The outfit is the uniform he wears in the video, which I loved, I love all the pastel style and baroque. In the end I paint the lineart, putting a layer on top of the lineart with the option to trim group.


🥀This is one of my favorite photo sessions of them, I like it so much that I am saving to buy the album to have one of those photocards hahaha but well I have been on that goal for about two months, but someday I will have an album of them :( But well I just hope you like the post, give it upvote, comment and share. Greetings and love you🥀


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Min Yoongi is my bias and your fanart are amazing 😍💜

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Aaahh Yoongi is so cute!! 💜💜💜 My bias is RM hahaha and thanks!!!🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️💞💞

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Namjoon is so talented and smart and his smile makes my heart melt everytime.
I'm so happy to have found someone on steemit who loves them as much as I do 💜

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Namjoon is amazing, I love him so much!! Well I love the seven members!!💜💜 And yeess I'm happy too for found someone who love them 💞💞💞🥰🥰🥰🥰

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I will continue to follow you, I look forward to seeing your other works 💜🥰

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Aaaww thank you so much!! 🥰😊

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