How to Use Engineer Loan to Your Benefit?

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Banks/institutions have various kinds of loans for self-employed professionals. Qualified engineers, who are either self-employed or work as a consultant, with an experience of at least five years can avail an Engineer Loan. Most banks also require that your business has made capital investments for at least three years.

How to Use Engineer Loan to Your Benefit

The most common uses of Engineer Loan are:

Equipment financing

Equipment, machinery and tools are the backbone of any engineering function. They have to be maintained in good condition and might need to be replaced or supplemented as technology advances. An Engineer loan can help your business stay in sync with the technology by providing funds to procure the right equipment.


Every business reaches a stage where it has to expand and diversify. Expansion may involve moving to a new premise and/or hiring more people. An Engineer loan can help you cover these costs so that you can focus on your expansion plans without having to worry about the funds.

Raw Material

In order to be successful in your business, your products must be of high quality. That is possible only when you use a good quality raw material. An Engineer loan can be used to procure the right raw material for the desired end-product.

Operational Costs

No matter what is the nature of your business, working capital is a must to conduct daily activities. An Engineer loan can be used for this purpose too.

Marketing and Distribution

Companies spend a huge amount of their budget in marketing and distribution. Marketing is an extremely costly affair and an Engineer loan can help you cover those costs.

So put your engineering degree to good use and get finance for your business. Bajaj Finserv Engineer Loans can be a good start.

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