A design for my Own Dream House

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Front elevation

It has been my dream to design a model of my own house and it has been also my reason why I chose to pursue this dream of being an engineer someday.

Today I'm gonna be sharing my work done for almost two sleepless weeks and I called it my dream house.

Apologies for the not so good quality pictures

Right elevation

And so, I'm using sketch up pro 2018 in designing that two storey residential building. At first, I really don't know how to use sketch up until I watch some videos on youtube and luckily, I'm slowly learning it and I made that. Sketch up is absolutely different from autocad that mostly engineers used, maybe some of the commands are somewhat similar but, you can still differentiate it. Autocad is known for a 2D design while in sketch up you can directly construct a 3D model without ease. Although autocad can also portrait 3D drawing, but you must also have an expert level ability in using it.

My journey in creating the model consumes almost of my time and effort, merely because designing isn't that easily to make. It takes planning and consideration especially the laws and rules in designing a residential building in order to avoid repeated mistakes and violations and also, it takes your ability to think beyond imagination to model a good building that will persuade costumers to buy your design.

Top view

My house is compose of three bedrooms, master's bedroom, two toilet and bath for both storey, kitchen, dining area, living area, garage, and the veranda on top. At the back is where the laundry area assign. The house is painted with color pitch with some stone decoration in front and porch for stunning entrance and firewall for both left and back portion.

My dream house isn't that perfect but I always appreciate my work especially I put my heart on the process.

I hope you like it. Thankyou and Godbless



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