Howdy JJ! Congratulations on the stellar week and taking the top prize!
An sbi share has been sent.

Thanks for the share Mate, and of course I also have to thank you for taking a break this week its the only way anyone can replace you in the number one spot :)

Howdy JJ! You're very welcome and I wouldn't say my leaving is the only way to win because you were right up there, great job!

HI Mate, I was surprised to make number 1 I had a lot of time this week sitting waiting for meetings to start etc so was a little higher than normal :)
have a great week ahead

Howdy again JJ! you too sir, have a wonderful week and I'll do the same!

Let’s both to our best 😎👍😎

My pleasure, and congratulations champ!

Thanks KIndly Cheers

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