10 things that make me happy | @princessmewmew's Wondrous Wednesday Contest

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My dear friend and awesome Steem Personality @princessmewmew is doing something lovely and important - she challenges us to:

...write a post listing ten good things in your life, or ten things or you are grateful for, or even ten things that make you happy, or a combination of these things

It's something I can recommend to everyone: write down those things! A very tactical way to do it is to grab a vase, put it in a visible spot in a room you spend a lot of time in, lay a block of small notes next to it plus a pen, and write one good (can be super small!) thing that happened every day on a paper, fold it, and put it in the vase. Every half year, or - at New Years Eve for example, empty the vase and randomly pick a few of the papers and read them out loud!

You'd be surprized how many good things are happening in your life! It's a way to cherish those moments and even in years you're feeling more down than other years you'll see there's many happy little notes to be found in your happy vase :-)

Oh, you're already convinced you're going to join in this Wondrous Wednesday? Awesome! Because the STEEM prizes she is handing out for participating are actually only a very cool bonus to something that is already so nice to share!

My 10 things

These are merely the 10 first things that popped in my head and if I were to write 10 again tomorrow I could make up 10 different ones! I didn't even realize I had already reached 10 items when I did. In totally random order of happiness:


I love chocolate, and sometimes I crave it, but if I were to be send to a deserted island and had to pick 1 food item for the rest of my life it would be cheese. Besides the taste it reminds me of my grandmother who didn't have a lot of money but would cut two huge blocks (like, huge!) of cheese on her tiny kitchen table every time I was visiting to share and eat with me.

The Dutch Coastline

A walk on the beach. The sound of water, waves. Wind. Drinking a cup of hot chocolate milk afterwards, when the cold made your hands feel frozen.

[Taken from one of my 'A day on a Dutch beach' posts]

Slow mornings without an alarm ringing

I honestly don't miss those times my alarm went off at 7AM. Even after 4 years of the freelance life I can still enjoy the fact that I don't need an alarm, I can first slowly wake up, get some coffee, watch an episode of some series on Netflix, and then start my day 'for real'.


It's a Netflix series from the Wachowski sisters (formerly Wachowski brothers) that makes me cry every time I see it. It shows the life of 8 people who are evolved to a different species of human beings where they can communicate with each other through telepathy. There's a huge LGBTQ aspect to the series which doesn't get a lot of space in other series, plus they've picked the 8 people from very different countries and have as far as I can see put in a lot of effort to not create caricatures of these cultures but actually put research in it. The way it's produced, the art, the music... It all adds up and I feel exhilarated after many of the episodes.


I have a tiny yellow metal container from my grandmother who collected every button from old clothing in the yellow container. When I was little I would go to her drawer, get the container, and empty the container on her table just to feel the buttons fall through my fingers and/or select them on colour or size.

(This container will get a proper blog in time, it deserves it.)

My friends

They are awesome. I'm picky about who I spend my time on and every few years when I'm going through something a bit more emotional or need a bit more support I lose a few friends because I have high expectations and in those periods I can see more clearly who's not meeting them. But the ones I have are amazing and I will cherish them forever :-)

My boyfriend

He has the kindest heart I know. He's a better person than I am but he still loves me.


I'm addicted to the idea of @steemmonsters blowing op the STEEM Blockchain. I love STEEM enough to let something like a @steemmonsters announcement make me dance for the rest of the week :-)

Autumn afternoons with lots of rain, blankets, some candles...

There's a thing you learn to love when you live in a country with 4 seasons. I love summer, but I might love autumn just a tad more. There's romance in shitty weather. I've also noticed I like houses in countries with shitty weather better. Maybe because we need to put more attention to them?

Solo travel

Feeling free, feeling in charge of me, feeling like I can spend all day to get just one picture instead of just snapping one quickly because a travel partner is already walking ahead. I often thing of myself as the wanderer. If I had all the money I needed to survive a few years I would just go wander and forget all the rest. I'm happiest while traveling, as I believe it's my natural state of being.

I hope you liked those 10 random happy things! Hop on over to @princessmewmew's original contest post and add a list of your own!

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Wow. Hi! This really made me smile. It's all so positive and happy. Thank you for this, and I may just start making lists like this at the end of every day!


Hey @dinoromanelli - thanks! :D I'm glad it inspired you. You don't even have to make a whole list every day - just one little note is enough! After a few months it will be a bag full of treasures :-) Good luck!


Yes...just write them down when I think of them and put them in a bag! And then, when I feel blue, just pull one out and relive it. I like it!

you didnt write the post in priority order , right? because you letted your boyfriend to laaast jajajaja!

it was a nice read to see what things make you happy ❤ every head is a world and everyobdy is different, so this post was interesting to read !!



In totally random order of happiness:

I'm glad I wrote that or... OOPS! ;-) Thanks for reading @malos10, I agree, what makes is happy can be so different per person - you should make a list too! :-)

Nice to read some more about you, although a few things aren't a big surprise lol :)


Lol! Which were not a surprise to you? :D


steem monsters and solo travel :-)


Oh dear friend I miss you.
how are you ?


Hey dear @artizm! :-) I'm doing fine - how are you? You've been quiet!

You have a boyfriend? ☹️
Very beautiful post. I loved all your ten points. Especially dancing to steemmonster announcements.



Thanks @johnskotts! Yes I do little awkward jumps and call it dance! Lol!

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I love this idea and I of course LOVE your first answer. I'm with you on that one.

You have quite a few of my favourites, Solo travel , rainy autumns, coastlines (mine is ours and the English, but I bet I'd love the Dutch coastline too!). This is a good list.


:') Yes of course I thought of our conversations when I mentioned cheese :D
Oh - the English coastlines are amazing! I love the Scottish ones <3

Then please give me like a private class about Steemmonsters when the tournament starts.. I got some packs but I have no clues what to do with them T^T.

So sweet how you talk about your bf ❤

I so love the idea of the contest and I actually film some footages the day I went out just to write about the post. Will be out real soon. 'HAPPY' video :D


Haha - I will teach you! :D I'm going to check out your happy post! <3


It's up! Pretty much just me rambling haha ❤️

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The most beautiful thing you can do in your life is to catch the moments that the heart will bend and the mind will quieten. Beautiful fragments of your nirvana.



Thanks @margaretwise, beautiful words :-)

More I read about you, I discover that we have more things in common ;0)


It would be so great if we could meet one day! I feel the same! :D

I think your grandma played an important role in your life. I hope you got to take a lot of pictures of her.


Never enough! I need to do that more actually, take pictures of those I love <3

this is a great contest, and I really got into Sense8 as well haven't seen the last episode yet though, I was watching them in Ireland with my sister, great storyline indeed. Oh how I crave a slow morning they are very rare for me with 3 kids but that time will come again xx