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What is Engagement with regards to Steem?

in engagement •  3 months ago

A post scoring system, and from it, one method to find a list of my most engaged followers....

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Born out of the many User Authority discussions taking place, the Engagement leagues, pies, (!)pancakes, and just a general desire to have a crack at some data.... at 6 am Monday morning.

What is Engagement?

Merriam-Webster says it is something that engages : pledge.

With a focus on online engagement, these are some of the definitions from the above link with a touch of editing:

  • to offer something as backing to a cause or aim
  • to hold the attention of
  • to enter into contest or battle with engage the enemy
  • to bring together or interlock (weapons)

So you could define engagement as, the ability to hold the attention of someone or to induce the individual to participate in some sort of activity. Online engagement could be defined similiary, probably just need to but the word 'website' in there somewhere.

One a definition is in place, it's simply a case of defining some useful metrics, gathering them up, and processing them into a pretty chart. And as the @steem-ua team know, this is a big fat lie.

Choosing the right metrics is one thing, giving each of them a weight is another. And then gathering this information across the whole 'network', a potentially a huge load on resources such as time and CPU.

Not easy at all, I can have a go from a single persons perspective and data though...

Steem metrics for online engagement?

The possibilities are endless, and the gamification is real. Not so much with follow/followers though, according to the @steem-ua team who started off with this metric/matrices. I would also like 'follow' to be one of the metrics I use in the example below.

The idea in this example is provide a Steem related scenario that shows 'holding the attention of' and 'offering something', as taken from the Merriam-Webster definitions above.

First off, someone visits your lovely Post. The view counter is no more (and didn't work anyway) so a 'hit' cannot be used at a metric.

This kind soul comments on your post - a score is given. If they have commented, and choose to up-vote the post, points are added to the score. IF you reply to the comment (because it made sense, engaged you, asked a reasonable question, etc), more points are added to the score.

Your comment is upvoted (you provided an answer to a question or some useful information), and more points are added. Your comment is replied to (perhaps with a 'thank you'), and more points are added.

There is potentially a loop developing within the comment thread, points for votes and depth of comment/reply could be added, perhaps to a certain level (gamification reducer?)

Then some potential bonus points:

Is user following you (now) - Yes (points!), No (no points).
Did you get a resteem - Yes / No

The resteem is an interesting one I think. Clearly the value or points given for the resteem relate to the user hitting the button. Something for another day :)

So I've decided that I want to score:

  • Following?
  • 1st Level Comment (question?) (Top L C)
  • Post Upvote (V1)
  • Receive reply (information from the post owner)
  • Up-vote reply (V2)
  • Comment (with thanks?) (3rd L C)
  • Resteem (RS)

And so, the number of times this happens, or some of this happens, on a post builds the individual post score.

This is then added to all the other individual (and potentially ever changing) post scores, and forms part of an overall score for an account.

Also, some of the interactions on the post should boost the score of the post visitor, should they not?


My most engaged followers 2018

Based on the above criteria, I decided to build a query that would tell me who scored best for 2018.

Similar to the Engagement League, the criteria has been weighted. I'm only choosing to get the data from the accounts that are actually following me, this is to save the query running forever and a day.


Thanks to the people on this list. The criteria / weights might not be agreed on by many, you guys are very important in my Steem world :)

What is Engagement with regards to Steem?

It's a tough one, with plenty of possible criteria, and different opinions on it's importance - the weight it should hold.

@paulag is looking at a Steem Contribution Score and of course, we have the @steem-ua team seemingly working around the clock with their algorithms.

I think these are interesting times, and we should support everyone looking into ways to develop solutions in this area.

My brain hurts a little now, I shall go to the pool.

Have a nice day!


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SO wonderful to see I'm on the list! I may be number 10... but I've been a devoted engager for over a year! And I see I'm in awesome company!


Number 10 of the many people who could be on this list sounds pretty good to me!

What a selection of long-term engaged folks I have here. Cheers Dawne!


You are posting some seriously interesting stuff, Do you ever think you'll make these into software we can type our name in? I have no idea how complicated that would be because I'm not into that stuff as much. But I love seeing metrics and graphs.


Thank you!

There are numerous sites which show some interesting information


But I think i'm right in saying my little pies aren't available anywhere yet. Honestly, there are a few reasons why I'm not so interested in creating a site for them:

  • I like to produce content for Steem
  • It's easier to monetize it here easier
  • I like the engagement I get
  • I can do 'on request' stuff quite easy
  • No website to maintain

Hopefully the links will keep you busy, but if you cant find what you want then send me a message and I'll see what I can do :D

I'm so pleased to have made it on your list, and to be in such good company :)

Can you tell I'm not a fan of resteems? :)


Yes I can, and in this example I weighted a Resteem the highest :)

As in the text, I think there is great value in a Resteem, but i think that value is associated to the account pressing the button. I guess a pre-existing UA score for the account doing the Resteeming would need to be considered, and perhaps this holds true for those commenting/voting on the post too.

The worry is that it could all end up spiraling into one big UA circle jerk :)

Cheers Lynn, welcome back!?


The worry is that it could all end up spiraling into one big UA circle jerk :)

...and we certainly don't want that!!

"Welcome back?" I think so. I'm trying to write a post about our new place; wait until you see it (and no, I'm not pimping my not-yet-written-post haha) ... but it's making it very very very difficult to stay on my computer :)


Yes I read the post - I did write a comment but perhaps didn't finish it and then forgot?!

The patio is huge and looks like an awesome chillout zone :)

Hey Asher, this is very awesome to see! I don't know how you manage to put together easy and understandable metrics to define user behavior, but in this case I think you nailed it! (ps and that's not because I'm on the top :P )

Honestly that is a great thing to think about and hopefully it deepens people's thoughts as to how to develop here. Not only for the everyday users like us, but also for the "leaders" that are trying to shape the platform to be what they want. If you want a certain behavior to happen, its always a good idea to understand how to measure it. Once measured, then things can be incentivized. Hopefully a few are learning that lesson about now ;)


Cheers Dave!

If you haven't already, it might be worth taking a look at, and possibly delegating to @steem-ua.

I suggest 250SP if you are to post daily, and 50/100SP if 2/4 times a week.

This was more of a play/thoughts post today, but at @steem-ua, something is currently live and actively curating based on User Authority score, which is derived partly from engagement :)


Cool, I'll check it out Asher! Thanks! And I will follow your lead and delegate the 50SP that is free right now! :)


Good man!

At present the return should be excellent value (if you compare it to BB delegations), but the bigger picture being the distribution of stake is potentially the real winner here.


Thanks and I'm not too concerned about the payout to me... I'm just following your lead since I'm sure you've done your homework on the quality of the outfit! :D

and cheers!!!


Right on! I think they deserve a chance - anything to disrupt the current setup sounds good to me :)

That's very gratifying to be in that list @abh12345. I was somewhat surprised because I thought the lack of resteems would prevent me from appearing there.

It's interesting to see how different it is from more recent engagement league results. 😁

I hope you time in the pool has soothed your aching brain.


I think there is more than one person in that list who is a little adverse to resteems, but there's nothing wrong with that :)

It's interesting to see how different it is from more recent engagement league results.

Form is temporary, class is permanent. 😁

Sadly, I got soaked up in Steem and didn't make the pool today - tomorrow!


Form is temporary, class is permanent.

That's a bit deep for me at this time of night @abh12345. 😂

Sadly, I got soaked up in Steem and didn't make the pool today - tomorrow!

That is sad. I'm still spending way more time than I'd like on the computer, but a lot of that is catching up with stuff that I've let slip because I kept getting distracted by Steemit.

At least I'm getting to bed at a reasonable time. Yay me! 😂


All these young guns at the top right now, they have to prove their worth longer term to be listed in my top 10 engagers.

And yes, very sad. I've got my content ready for tomorrow though, so hopefully most of the day will be on my own time, on a li-lo :)

Bedtime at 10, good on you!

There are many ways to measure, the more that are invented/brought to light, the better for an overall score. Kind of like they do in political polls, here is the poll, here is what it looks like when all the polls are combined. Or a combination of them all may show a bell type curve and a little bit better understanding of the activity, and then presenting a combined "rep" type score.


I agree.

Many ways to skin a cat, let's hope that the community can help find the best method that works for all (or at least most!)

I hope it's time for a terrible joke?

You are engaged with Steem 😋

Alright, please show me my numbers!



No numbers today, I might have some pies for you later though!


Ohw 😥

I thought you could show me the same numbers as you got from your top engagers?

But later sounds good 😀

This is definitely interesting. Still trying to process the information. I guess I'm not fully awake yet.

Your ua score is 2.651 and you have a ua rank of 13754
I look at this and think OMG I really suck LOL. I know when someone has an off week for one reason or another it greatly impacts engagement.

I know several people feel it is just responding to a post. It really is so much more. It is more of a process of building a relationship of sorts.


13754 of over 1100000 accounts, not too shabby! :D

I know several people feel it is just responding to a post. It really is so much more. It is more of a process of building a relationship of sorts.

Agreed, and this takes time and consistency I think. Cheers!


Thanks Asher, this really helps in processing. You're right consistency is just about everything on here and I know the past month having been off and trying to get back on a routine has shown me how much of an impact it has.

Hmmm, seems like this is going to wake up a lot of steemians from their slumber there are a couple of accounts I see who simply post for the sake of getting an upvote from say dTube, dLive or some 3rd party service and move on with their day. There should be more constructive ways to generate passive income like delegating to your favourite project.

I really hope both UA and contribution score can help with that and make one-way communication/mass communication a counter-intuitive experience on the platform! We want real community, real engagement and a whole lot of fun to be had :)


The best way to create a passive income with steem is to post! keep posting, keep commenting and keep using the votes that steem gave you. the more active you are, the more active followers you're going to attract! just keep it up. its going to take a lot of work but when you get those 10,000 followers is going to be a cake walk. you'll be posting better posts because you learned from your mistakes and you'll feel what the other guys felt when they were the low levels and worked hard for it!


Indeed! I mean, there's nothing passive about doing the above but that is the goal from being very busy with all that for a few years. I have the 10k followers, but can assure you there's nothing passive about my income, yet!


haha yet! i post an article that takes me about an hour to write, and im happy with 3 or 4 nice comments. and back probably a month ago i was happy with just one! the look for active people is the key! and im sure that a ton of active people are gunna come flooding in with the next bull run! hahaha


This one took me 6 hours - that is way too long for 80 words and a table!

I think it's definitely worth looking out for who is active now, the bull run will bring people, but how many of them will stay?


Mostly the ones that stood during the bear...im pretty active though, and its nice to meet you


@steem-ua are accepting delegations, and I recommend delegating 250 SP to them if you can spare it.

I really hope both UA and contribution score can help with that and make one-way communication/mass communication a counter-intuitive experience on the platform!

Spot on with this - the 2 way information flow is very important to engagement :)

Cheers for the comments!

i have actually been thinking to myself that i really want to create a bot, that looks up the activity level of people rank 25-30, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70, and 70-80. (of course somehow reduce the intake of known commenting bots) i want to post the most active people on steem, so that they can be recognized and more people recognize them for putting in their hard work. There is nothing better than to be on steem, and write a nice long post that you fell in love with along the way and comment back and forth with someone on it for another 20 minutes. thats when i like upvoting. when i comment on someones post, and then they re engage with me. They dont just sit there and expect their post to start rolling in with likes and resteems. They love the interaction and the community thats why they choose to post. Like me, i like Busy.org because there is an "active" section showing which users are active and their recent posts. i love reading them and actually engaging with them. anyways sorry for the rant, i feel like we at least think a like.. thank you for all the active followers i have out there too! all 5 of you! haha :P


Hey no worries, didn't really sound like a rant to me :)

I believe there are bots in the wild upvoting content of the more engaged, and these votes seem to increase gradually as the 'old' Reputation score rises.

The recent posts 'active' section on Busy is good, because you know there is a good chance the user is around and likely to respond to the decent comments, I should utilize that more actually. Cheers!

This is what is great about decentralized technology as we can work on figuring these concepts out with trial and error to create something with the brain power of a community. The support being seen lately in these initiatives clearly demonstrates the need and support to changing current practices. The great thing is that it all makes sense! We get so much more from better engagement than this a stake here. I look forward to see where all this goes!


Exactly! This should and is a community effort.

I'm hopeful that the direction we are heading is the right one. Only time will tell :)

Well, @abh12345, I don't know that I would have guessed that I'm that high on your list, given how many potential people there are to engage with you, but I'm happy to be there.

There seems to be a discussion about resteems going on, and I've mentioned to you before that there were at least some people who abstained or refrained, primarily because of the clutter it could produce in followers feeds and in their own.

However, in your case scenario, it would also be a measure of 'quality' that it's meant to be, which would mean that being judicious about the resteeming would still be in order. In other words, we should still only be resteeming what we feel to be good content, and I would add useful to others, too, of which yours qualifies many more times than not.

Personally, I've wondered mostly to myself if the resteem couldn't be the way we salvage the tending page. Instead of upvotes, resteems, and instead of attaching a value, leaving it as is. I know, there's all kinds of loop holes that would need to be shut, principal among them everyone who has multiple accounts resteeming their own stuff.

Which is why we can't have nice things because people can't just live with the merits of their own work—they have to find ways to game the system.

Having all accounts opened by a single user bound to that user so that only one resteem from any of their accounts was possible would take care of that. It would also end up solving another issue of not always knowing who accounts truly are.

However, the likelihood of any of that ever happening is nil, for reasons that are known but still unfathomable to me, so I haven't brought it up anywhere but here.


I would have been very surprised if you didn't make the top 10 for this year Glen, you've appeared on most of my content, reasonable and dubious :)

In this scenario, I did put the most weight on a resteem, but as suggested, i think that value should relate back to the UA score of the users hitting the button.

Those who like not to clutter their own blog have this right of course, and they would perhaps only choose what goes well (colour wise!) - this could be a positive or negative, who knows.

There is a @welcoming account that resteems newcomers, and I suspect you can find an account that resteems most major subject areas. It's not an idea replacement, but something of interest nonetheless. Alt. accounts are a bugbearer in many areas, and perhaps only an SMT/Oracle can help us out here.

Cheers for the resteem!

Engagement is very important in every social media, because it is the only way to make friends and followers. What matters in not getting an upvote, but opening a discussion that will lead to a friendship and so on :)


Yes you are correct. And this friendship may also allow for support and further engagement in the future :)

Hey, I follow you and engage...not very often. I hardly get time to steem on much these days. I'm rubbish with the tech stuff, and I wish I had more time, I would like to participate more in one area and build up. I have lost where to start engaging and have to stop drifting with the little time I have. Good post btw.😁


Time is a key factor for sure, I think we all wish their were more hours in the day.

Thank you, I try to produce something of interest each day!

@abh12345, Engagement is nothing but the showcasing an Interest Aspect and when it comes to the Steem following, resteeming, upvoting and commenting.

And Engagement is not about the one time aspect inturn it's an Continuous process and after an process or period one subject is called as Engagement.

And in my opinion, if we observe, then Steem Economy is more emotionally driven platform and here the trend of Engagement changes quickly.

Good to go through from this post, and in my opinion the spreading the word of Engagement is really important and vital.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thank you @chireerocks, I feel the same ways about engagement as you do. Have a lovely evening :)


Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

Enjoyed your post. A few of the people on your list are some of the people I engage with. These are active steemians that make it fun to be here.
Engagement is where it is at.


Some of the blockchains biggest engagers this year are on that list :)

Engagement is where it is at.

Indeed! Thanks for the comment and resteem :D

Hi @abh12345!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation! Your UA account score is currently 6.439 which ranks you at #163 across all Steem accounts.
Your rank has dropped 14 places in the last three days.

In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 206 contributions, your post is ranked at #13.

Evaluation of your UA score:
  • You've built up a nice network.
  • The readers appreciate your great work!
  • Good user engagement!

Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

Happy to make this list! I see that I am in good company up there. I admire all you do for the community, thus explaining the RS and engagement (even though I have been slacking lately).

You share knowledge with us that keeps us in the loop on the activities on here. User Authority for instance. I know there are convos about this new rep scoring system. I will have to take time to look into it since so many are advocates of it. Will be interesting to see what paulag and Steem-ua will use to incorporate engagement into their metrics.


Thank you @beeyou! Happy to see you on my list also :)

I try to write about what I think will interest the community, aside from a few 'work' related posts which naturally don't get anywhere near the same engagement.

UA is a hot topic right now, and one i'm very interested in. I saw you delegated the other day, I think it's certainly worth getting involved. Hopefully more Whales will join in too :)

I have been reading some posts about the User Authority score and it is something interesting. I havent been that active lately to the Steem Platform but this tag put a smile on my face as I remember when I was someone who was truly engaged in the platform and really had fun and got to meet a lot of good people.

A lot of very familiar names there and so I am in good company!


Yes you certainly are!

How many posts are you putting out each week at present? 1 - 25 SP, 2 - 50 SP.

I think it's worth this 'small' delegation if you are at all active. Hope to see you back engaging more soon!

This is a nice statement @abh12345. Engagement, one of the reasons I fell in love with steemit. And commenting is one of the keys. I heard some of the steemians have grown just through commenting. And those are positive comments. Few posts but more of engaging through comments they have grown.

As a steemians, I believe this made us unique to other platform, and through this we can grow and bring steem to the moon.


Yes, I consider myself one of these people. Good comments can attract votes, visitors to your own content, and with any luck, a new follower.

This is even more important now with @steem-ua. Cheers!

Interesting idea. I wonder where it will lead to.


did you even read the post?


heh, I am thinking not!

Really beautiful information abh; truth and real reporting! God bless you for your work 👏 Great post as always!


Thank you very much, do you understand the basics of User Authority? If not, visit @steem-ua

howdy sir Asher! very interesting post and your list is some of the best people on Steemit there so I agree. The only thing that surprised me is the resteeming part. I don't like to follow people who resteem all the time because it just fills up my feed with posts that I don't particularly want to read.
but great post this.

Excelente información, @abh2345. saludos.

It is great that you ran this query and acknowledge those that truly engage with you. I think engagement is the name of the game and it is certainly a motivator when quality comment are received - for me anyway. I decided to run a contest hoping people will start engaging with me - in true Steemit spirit - fingers crossed.


Thanks @momogrow

Would you like to be a part of the Leagues?

Good luck with your contest!

Engagement is everything, not just in the steemworld but also the realworld. Thank you guys for the league


It's very important, even more so at present. You are welcome :)

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