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Lol - it's not the list, it's me :0)
I explained to apolymask earlier this week: it's a bad habit of mine to set the standards for myself so high that it is impossible to live up to them.
And if I can't live up to them, I feel like a failure. Pretty demotivating.

But, I'm learning... if you would have told me 2 years ago i would be happy to be in 16th spot, I wouldn't have believed you, lol. But today I am :0) So there's progress...

Well I'm glad you are happy with 16th. It's good to set a good standard for yourself, as long as you can forgive and move on when they are not quite me. Plenty of other opportunities :)

Being happy is one thing, being satisfied another, lol. I'm not settling for 16th - I'm just glad I went up the list instead of down. The only thing I gave up on is that 1st spot... as long as @janton is around, that's an absolute no-go... even if I would comment and reply all day long, I'd still not be able to come even close :0)

Howdy simplymike! Hey I'm stepping back from the League for awhile so now you can target tattoodjay. Congratulations on your placing too!

Go Go!

Congrats to all!

Awesome contest. Super that its on Steemit.

Hey @janton. Long time no read. It's pprobably hard to believe, but it's true: it took me until earlier today to find out you were not on the list this week. I'm so used to seeing your name in the top spot that I don't even look anymore. Shame on me :0)

How come you're stepping back?
(Tired of kicking everyone's ass?? - just kidding)

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haha! Howdy simplymike! good to hear from you. Well, it has to do with my addiction to Steemit. Mrs. J basically gave me the option of cutting back or cutting it out totally. lol. And we both know that I'm somewhat addicted to it and we both know that unless I break away from the League for at least awhile, I wouldn't be able to keep from jumping in, I had to make a clean break at least temporarily.

We have lots of work to do on our property and I didn't do much work on it last summer because of steemit so she wasn't going to let that happen again and I agree, that wasn't fair to her for me to be ditching my responsibilities and repair and maintenance work.
haha! that's funny that you just assumed I would be on top of the list. lol. I'm still doing tons of commenting, it''s just different times like the middle of the night! But I AM cutting back some.

Sounds pretty familiar, lol. Just recently, I got the remark

It's almost like I'm married to a laptop and a mobile phone

and I had nothing to say, I could only understand and see she was right. lol

Ever since, I'm trying to stay away from this place when she's home. She goes to work all day, and I can understand that if you have like 4 or 5 hours a day to spend at home before you need to go to bed, you want to spend some quality time.

it''s just different times like the middle of the night!

So once she has fallen asleep, I take out my phone and I'm back on...

Fortunately (???!) I'm still not okay after surgery, so I don't have any obligations or responsibilities during the day. I don't know if I would be able to combine both.

OMG, you just made me realize how much of an addict I am....

haha! howdy again simplymike! Well at least everyone here understands the addiction. I just hope it pays off in the long run and we'll look back and be thankful for it. But you certainly have the right plan to handle it and that is very wise.

Concerning your health though, I don't like hearing that you are still not okay, is there steady improvement but just slow?

Last weeks one-two are taking a break but kindly contributing a lucky number prize, the door is wide open! :D

Even then.. I'm not even sure top 10 will be doable, but I guess there's only one way to find out ;0)

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