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Each year records are being broken for contributions of renewable energy sources in the UK. There are still lots of challenges in using this power when it's available. That article mentions a 10MW solar farm just a few miles from my home that has battery storage to operate through the day and night. This has been built without government subsidy, which should show this is a viable business. The boss of the company, Anesco, has the appropriate name of Steve Shine.

To make such projects more viable there needs to be more work on efficiency. So much energy is wasted by badly insulated buildings and a general lack of care. Meanwhile the government is allocating billions to new nuclear power that is very likely to go over budget and cost us all for generations. I'm not entirely anti-nuclear, but it hasn't lived up to the promise of 'electricity too cheap to meter'.

There was a piece on the radio this morning about encouraging people to use energy when it's available. I thought the example of using tumble driers when it's windy and/or sunny was not the best example.

Also in the Guardian today is a piece about threats to or food supplies. Apparently 75% of it comes from 12 crops and five animal species. New diseases could make a big dent in that and climate change may make some less viable. Luxuries (or essentials) like coffee and chocolate may get much more expensive as changing conditions make them harder to grow.

Agriculture needs to be efficient, but it's run by a few massive companies these days. Its too important to be out of our control.

Food, water and energy are essentials for life. We need countries to work together on these to avoid conflict instead of bickering over ideology.

These topics have been on my mind. Just wanted to get it down. The general news is too full of trivia when there are big issues to discuss.

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

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Bang on Steve it's all well and good these new records being broken but more needs to be done asap. I just got back from a trip to Europe and in Holland there are wind turbines everywhere. The UK should take the same approach in my opinion.

The NIMBYs try to spoil it. We could have far more solar without spoiling things. Wind is probably better off-shore, but that seems to be growing. Everything has an impact, but has to be better than burning all the coal like we did before

If all else fails I will skip some things but must get my chocolate and coffee. Funny they go well together. Maybe store some up. I enjoyed your post. Notice how I comment on them. Lol.. have a great day.

How about a fresh cup of Steemit Coffee?

I'd really miss chocolate, but there are other pleasures in life.

I always welcome and reward good comments.

12 Crops? Ok, 5 animal species? Ok.
I think one of the answers to the problems we face regarding these issues is within your post: "a few massive companies".
One stupid move based on faulty or improper research could spell disaster.
You're also right about the "general news"'s just a distraction.

Nikola Tesla held the secret to free energy a lot of people consider this conspiracy but i believe it to be true...

Maybe. I think if there really is 'free energy' then the secret would have leaked by now. You can't silence every scientist

I appreciate Steve Shine, he is a very intelligent person

The food, water and energy we always need. May it continue to materialize what the community wants. thank you for sharing this interesting information @steevc

Yes... praise. Everyone should be way more concerned with this situations. And we all should try and make our part. ❤

your thought is grace and wonderful to our future life and style, thanks for sharing.

Wow thats a really great article.....

wonderful post @steevc,its really good thinking foods,i like this post
thanks for share