Coin Migration | Energi 3.0

in energi •  last month 

It's been a week since we heard about Energi Coin 3.0 thus i found an article that might be an answer to all our questions regarding this development.

I will just give one example from the article tho.

Q: For users who are staking locally (laptop or desktop), will the process to start staking be any different?

A: Energi will have an update to the Energi Core Wallet once Energi 3.0 is released. Users will be required to download the latest version of the Core Wallet, claim their Energi 3.0 coins and start staking. The steps to start staking will remain the same. If users need additional guidance on how to start staking, please refer to our staking guide and reach out to our Private Discord Support Help-Desk regarding any additional questions that you may have:

More of that here in this link!

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