My complain on been on the black list of @cryotoacademy by @sapwood

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Good day sir @sapwood, I hope you are doing well sir? I'm making this post to make a complain about me been on the post you made about people on the blacklist if crypto academy.

When I joined the steemit family on February my mentor @vhenom told me about all the rules and regulations and the steemit community and he specifically took his time and told me not to ever plagiarize a post, me seeing myself on the blacklist make me feel like I failed him. And I do remember he told me that if my post is ever caught plagiarised 3 TIMES my name would be added to the blacklist and I'd not be able to participate in the cryptoacademy assignments.

Ever since I've Bess participating in the cryptoacademy assignment which has been fun a complains have only been made about plagiarised 2TIMES, there was never a third time. I actually know hot the academy is struck with post been plagarised and I'm sorry bout that I really am, and the Theo professor that made me know that my post was plagarised were @imagen one of his assignments 3 months ago and @levycore one of his assignments 2 make ago which was assisted by @sapwood, professor @sapwood actually made the comment about plagarism on my post. It actually hurts to put so much effort in something and even get a score not to talk of an upvote.



There are only the 2 places where my post were plagarised and after I learnt my lesson my post not never tagged a plagarised post again, cause after that I've done a lot of assignment on @cryptoacademy which I was given a good grade without any more report of plagarism and I was upvoted by @steemcurator02, professors and even other members of the cryptoacademy.

how did I know I was blacklisted

It was 9 days ago when I was done with my beginner's assignment by @awesononso, I was waiting for a review just like I always wait for after I'm done with any assignment on the cryptoacademy, I loggin my steemit account and I found that I had 1 notification I was so happy cause I say that it was my post that has been reviewed, I clicked on the comment only to find out that professor @awesononso just made a comment about me been on the blacklist. Immediately I told my mentor @vhenom and he said I should go check a post that professor @sapwood made about list of people on the blacklist and I found out I'm number 18, and I explained to him that I was only plagarised 2 times that there was never a 3rd time and my plagarised posts was way before I did my achievement 3 which I talk about plagarism and it's disadvantages.



I know the steemit and the cryptoacademy do not take plagarised post likely and I'm so so SORRY about that, and if there anyway my name can be removed form the blacklist by @sapwood please I would love it, and I promise my post will never be plagarised again it actually hasn't been plagarised in a long time and I intent to keep it like that.
The cryptoacademy isn't a community I want to be left out from,it's a very good and and an educative one for that matter and I know all what I've gained form the community and I'd love to gain more from them. This is a complain and also an apology post so please sir @sapwood help me do something about it thank you sir and God bless you.



I would request you to go through this Summary sheet(particularly the Black List/Grey List part) to develop a better understanding of blacklisted users.


Please note that the greylisted users are still being curated in the Academy. Take the Greylist as an Orange signal and a Blacklist as a red signal.

You should introspect what went wrong with you when you were caught plagiarizing for the first time and when the investigator(or the professor) notified you, you should have had taken utmost care not to repeat it again.

So I would ask you what went wrong that you ended up with another instance of plagiarism. Why did not you amend yourself with the very first instance of plagiarism?

A proactive user can never repeat the same mistake.

Furthermore, we can not sit under the dictum that "Oh, I can commit one case of plagiarism or two cases of plagiarism or three of plagiarism". Even it is a single case of plagiarism it should be an inadvertent mistake, not an intentional one and/or deliberate attempt to leech the reward pool.

Thank you.

Alright sir @sapwood thank you for taking your time to review. So what's the next step to take in other to be removed form the blacklist.

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