EMPR Coin Value

in #empowr3 years ago (edited)

You might wonder why the price value of the #empr are too low today.
I take it as an opportunity. It is a great advancement for me who wants to gather more coins at this moment. I call it an advance investment for the future use since I want more coins for now. It is an opportunity because the currency is very affordable to buy this time.

The reason behind the drop down is because of the low trading volume. Empowr members love their coins so much that they want to keep it on their own because they believe as I and no one selling it at the moment. That´s the disadvantage for now, but if you are looking for a long-term investment, this is it! It´s an opportunity for you to buy more – EMPR coins now!

Aside from the empowr community (holders) loving their coins that no one is willing to sell for now. Empowr keeps releasing empr coins via air dropping and transfers out even they give an advance transfer out to all members for a chance to trade and to help the selling trading to go on (trial and error). Well, this is another proof that empowr paid their users to use their platform.

The empowr community is now working on it and concluded that every member should at list trade some of their coins to catch up new buyers. new coin buyers will become more interested in buying coins, because they would now find a liquid market for empowr coins.

A community like Empowr members that stick together will achieve.
Join us and be a part of the new revolution. empowr.comDmbTL1-UcAEgXyb.png


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