Studying Our Emotional Gauge

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Never under estimate the power of emotions. Emotions play a very vital role in the life of human. It could break you and also make you.
Hence there is the need to have certain control over our emotions.

Looking at the human race, we need to install an emotional gauge at the center of our mind and instinct and also learn to read it. Our goal is to monitor our emotional resources so we do not go empty at the later end.

What signals should we be looking out for?

1.The willingness and desire to escape: r
Running away from our routine activities and saying “it will be fine if I never did that again,” that’s a warning signal.

Something is wrong when we see people as interruption or see our daily routine as a chore.

  1. Family Aversion: on the way home, do we consciously hope our families aren’t having problems or our friends want something from us? That’s a sign we don’t have enough to give.

Hoping that the precious people in our life can exist without us may be a sign of trouble.

  1. Attitude towards the discipline: A third check is how we approach diverse forms of discipline.

Each person must find their warning signals for his or her own life. It helps keep checks on ourselves.

You may need to ask yourself certain questions to know if you are emotionally healthy.

Questions such as;

◾Am I out of gas emotionally?
◾Do I cringe when relating to people?
◾Do I feel the urge to take a long walk with no destination in mind?
◾Am I feeling the need to go home put on music, and let the lord refine my emotional batteries?

Maintaining, an emotionally healthy life is as important as maintaining physical health. If you are sick emotionally, there is 80% chances your physical body will not be healthy.

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Thank you for this one @ceepee.
Truly we need to keep our emotion in check in balance always