You can be strong, but you don't have to be stubborn!

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Strong or acknowledgment, no one can help you, but you have to slowly, no matter how strong and stubborn, you have to bear it yourself...

Life is a process of experience. When we have experienced enough wind and rain, when we look back, many things will be clear, and many things will be understood.

Even if life is not so easy, I still want to put you in the future, happy for a lifetime, not for the world! If it is me in this life, I will not make you so hard, do not need to be strong and do not need to be stubborn.


To be responsible, you must be strong. Aggrieved, must be self-reliant. For life, not barely.

I always thought that no matter what anyone, no matter what, as long as I choose to endure, I can get the respect and understanding of others, but now I know that I am wrong, my forbearance brings others once again intensified and treat me as a fool. Nothing else, I thought that my compassion can be exchanged for someone else's kindness, but I am wrong, and it is someone else who ignores me.


But if you are too tired, don't insist on persisting, you can be strong, but you don't have to be alone. May my shoulders be able to rely on you, may my listening can give you strength.

People must be strong, people need to have a shoulder to rely on, but do not know where the shoulders can be relied on? Some things have also worked hard, and I have won it. I have no regrets, and everything goes with the flow. It must come, I can’t stay, and I will welcome a better day with a good mood!


Life is too short, it is hurt to make yourself tired, and you must be strong. Why are you stubborn? I hope that you can take care of yourself and cherish the limited life.

Life always makes us bruises, but life is too short, learn to be strong in adversity, and don't have to be stubborn when you are tired. May you be like a sunflower, always maintain your true color, work hard, and go all the way to the sun.

A strong person can only get rid of his camouflage when he is gone, alone, and become weak. May every strong person receive warmth, kindness and understanding.

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