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in emoji •  2 years ago

Is it just me, or have the Steemit Emojies gone on strike?

Maybe it is just me because they have never worked for me, the little devils. Thumb down to you emoji :-1: (see).

If you see an emoji on your end please let me know in the replies :point_down:

Not being able to get my emojies to work for me is really ordinary :shit:

I will be very appreciative of anyone who can help me get my emojies working :clap:

Big kisses for you :kissing_closed-eyes:

How about we get a beer later :beers:


[Pasted emoji]

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I believe you have to type hex codes to get emoji's to show up.
👇 Click Me


You are a legend wthomas

I thought maybe the emojis were on strike, demanding a free health care, an increase in their minimum wage, free education, unlimited credit, and the right to never have anyone say anything they disagree with. No, wait, that's millennials. I always get the two confused. <confused_looking_emoji>