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Bitcoin had been successful in creating a platform that is now the order of the day. Its major upside however lies in throughput but for the structure of the blockchain, that was left for its rival, Ethereum. Hence, the latter is now basis for many decentralized platforms but it seems that is about being disrupted.

Emercoin prides itself as one that will not only provide maximum security but will also make the blockchain a place to be. The interesting here is that you won’t be saddled with only trades but also utilize other services. In a nutshell, Emercoin rolls multiple services into one on its ecosystem.


Blockchain networks are notable for their freedom from autocratic influences that had hitherto called the shots in physical platforms. Emercoin’s input is rather interesting – users are in full control. Though this is no news, further insight proves that this might just be better than what was obtainable.
First, there is there is EmerDNS. The domain name system (DNS) projected here is expected to work without third party interference. Just as you can create and destroy contents and no other party will interfere, there is also same situation in the server.

In the internet today, some websites tend to be sold off if the owner deems it so. In this light, you can trade your DNS to some other person without any server querying you. The overall idea here is that web services are provisioned on Emercoin but this is not every day web surfing we are used to; rather, contents and domain names are under the control of the owner.

EmerDPO – Supporting Businesses

Mention had been made that there will be versatility and this had just been exhibited with EmerDPO. The plan is to make assignation of properties seamless.

For instance, you bought a car and went to the licensing office to get the necessary papers that will allow you travel within specific areas. Conventional use of brick and mortar method (pen and paper) is common and there is always lag that stretches into weeks; leaving you frustrated.
What if same can be processed under few hours and mapped directly to the blockchain? That is the essence of inventing EmerDPO. With this, real-world assets such as automobiles and houses will be validated and ownership certificates issued to the user. The upside to this is that no central authority had a copy of this. Digital assets are also allowed for validation.

Zero Cyber Attacks

Even though out of the reach of central control, some blockchain platforms such as exchanges have had incidences of cyber-attacks that saw them losing many digital assets. In the light of Emercoin’s access to the internet, there is provision for its cyber security.

The solution is EmerSSL. With this, there won’t be need to generate passwords and in the stead, users can only generate certificates when needed and discard them at will. To this end, access is directly from users to the server and not through conventional internet services that have central authority and are under the whims of cyber-attacks.

Three Distinct Products

There is high regard for security and that was the reason why Emercoin introduced name value storage (NVS) – a system that allows full storage of data without compromising it to the fragmented Turing-Complete architecture.

NVS also helps in data storage on the blockchain and there is also support for varieties of decentralized facilities. Finally, Emercoin increases the chances of its full-scale security with the combination of the PoW and PoS algorithms.

The idea was to increase the mining capacity and also protect the platform. Any attack here will be retributive – the attacker stands risk of being affected by this and also risks losing assets in his possession.


Emercoin is already trading on exchanges and is currently ranked as the 138th in global cryptocurrency market capitalization. The solution for the blockchain that stretches to making provisions for multiple use cases is commendable. Interestingly, the merged-mining with Bitcoin increases its security.

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