Purchasing More Embercoin And Wallet Update

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I have been into staking coins for a month or so because I feel like it's comparable to hardware mining. If you check out bitbean, you could make 1000 bitbean stake rewards, which right now is worth about 3 dollars just leaving your wallet open.

Well Embercoin has huge potential so I'm trying to reach 1 million coins fast. Sadly I'm not close, but I will have about 130,000 coins by tonight. I'm also trying to mine the coin, which you can see are the 1 or 2 Embercoin transactions.

The only thing with staking is that you need a lot of coins to get the stake rewards faster. If you think about it compared to a mining rig you could pay the same amount and be able to stake everyday with that amount.

I was able to update my wallet to get more connections, but it was very tricky. I'll be updating you in the next few days to show you my updated results. Hopefully I'l have something good to report then.

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a very useful story.log into my blog also friend @jasonmunapasee

a very useful story.log into my blog also friend @jasonmunapasee