Finally! I always miss out on these things

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There has been a spate of extortion emails going round where you get told you were watching porn and that they will release it to your friends unless you give them Bitcoin.

I always seem to miss out on these, and only hear about them second hand. But finally today I got one!


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Given that I don’t have 600USD in Bitcon, and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to a scammer, I think it is pretty obvious that I’m not going to pay for my ‘mistake’.

That means that soon, coming to an email near you there should be video of me ‘participating’ with a porn video.

If you get the email can you forward it to me please?

I’d like to find out what video I was watching, given that I don’t go to porn sites.

There may be plenty of people offended by emails like this, but I just find them funny – like the people who phone up from ‘Microsoft’ to tell you there is a virus on your computer.

You’ll see this bit from the email below:

Im very proud for this soft, it makes devices work as rdp with keylogger function

Dude – if you have installed a keylogger on my PC, then why are you asking for Bitcoin? You can just log into my bank account and empty it.


I will know when u opened this message, I adjusted special tracking pixel in it.

There is a small problem with that. In order for that to work you need to send the email as HTML. This was sent as plain text - Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

The From address in the email points to -, which is a real website. But the name portion of the email address is garbage (I’m thinking). So it looks like their mail server might have been hacked.

Looking at the content of the email, it does not look like this person has English as a first language, and given that the domain the email has come from is in the U.S. I’m thinking this is either a holiday worker in the U.S. or more likely a hacker that got control of their email server and is using it without their knowledge.

I’ll send them an email and let them know.

So if you get an email like this, I think it is pretty safe to ignore it. Unless of course you have been participating with a porn video in front of your camera. Then my best advice would be to send 600 USD in STEEM to my wallet and I’ll see what I can do to sort it out for you. (i.e. share it on Facebook)

Until then, be careful where you click.

Here is the email as I received it


I genuinely look forward that I will not graze ur heart. Shit happens, life didn’t leave me selection. I have nothing against people with weird tastes, moreover only God can judge u. So:

First of all, I adjusted the particular virus on a web site with porn videos (I think you understood me).

Secondly, when u tapped on a video, soft at once started working, all cams switched on and screen started recording, then my soft collected all contacts from emails, messengers etc. Im very proud for this soft, it makes devices work as rdp with keylogger function, exciting. This email address Ive collected from your device, I message u here because I guess u definitely are going to check your working address.

Finally, I created a split screen video, with your participation and porn film from your screen, its kinda strange. Consequently, I can share this video with all your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. I guess it’s a huge shame for u.

But we can resolve this problem. 600 Usd- in my opinion, very common cost for mistake like this.

I accept only btc(cryptocurrency), here is my wallet’s address - 1AEy4x1PJWPsNaCu37QbLXYjjbbfdDqw6J

U have 50 hours after reading my notification to complete transaction. I will know when u opened this message, I adjusted special tracking pixel in it. This time is sufficiently only to finish all verifications and transaction, so you have to think fast. If I wont receive my «wage», I will share this video with all contact Ive received from ur device.

You can complain to police for a help, but they wont find me for even 100 hours, Im foreign, so think twice. If Ill receive btc- all evidence will be erased forever and I will never message you again.

U can reply, but this Will not make sense, I sent you this letter using my soft for anonymous messages, I don’t check the mailbox after using it, because I contemplate about my safeness too. Good luck, I hope u will make a good solution for u.

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Hahah that is classic. Here I'll video edit you watching porn, make it look like an old 80s movie because it would be my first go around and we can send it to them. Also if we happen to get a real facebook or social media picture of the guy, lets video / photoshop him in there too xD


yeah. I'd be really interested to see if there was an actual video.

What would I look like watching porn? For a start I'd probably be 30 years younger..... ;-)


It is my honor to present you the very 1st Steemit

Savage Award

To at for the line
"For a start I'd probably be 30 years younger..... ;-)"

I guess someone must fall for this crap if they send out enough. I'm sure there are email lists being sold with millions of addresses, especially valuable if they come from a hacked porn site. Scams are a fact of life. I tend to ignore the email ones, but I get some on the phone that are just annoying.


I had a friend, and gentle old man who fell for a hostage scam. It cost him a lot of money and in the end he had to buy a new laptop.

He's quite old and quite frail and has no idea about technology. i only found out about it afterwards, otherwise I could have saved him a whole lot of money and heartache.


Sorry to hear that. I've heard of people falling for the 'Windows support' scams. Most people have little idea about their computers.

Ha at last you have been caught. About time your naughty fetish stopped hehe

Ah, how times have changed, it used to be getting caught with copies of Playboy.
Now that is really showing my age, but it was a great threat to tell the church committee about,

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Huh. Was your heart grazed (I think you understood me)?

That email is pretty funny. You have to be the one man in a million who can say right off the bat that you haven't actually even visited a porn site in recent memory LOL

You should use the #comedyopenmic tag and make this an entry - it is hilarious :) @comedyopenmic

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WOW, that's hilarious. I sometimez go through my spam folder and see some pretty interesting things. Spammy spamitis.... it's everywhere!

hahaha this is crazy! Should I be sad that I haven't gotten one of those emails yet? I'm still receiving the sad Nigerian millionaire ones ... those poor souls that can't access their money for some reason! :)

Wish I could upvote you like crazy right now, but my voting power is abysmal at the moment. Perhaps I should be sending out blackmail emails for sbd? :)