Elon Musk vs Jesus Christ

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Do you consider Elon the sex symbol of Quora? Ever wondered which common points and differences have the two characters?

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Here I propose a table of comparisons between different situations about the subjects:

SituationElon MuskJesus Christ
TransformationsTurned 165 millions from Paypal into 3 enterprisesTurned water into wine
ResurrectionRevived Tesla after running out of cashResurrection on Easter
DeathWants to die on Mars, but not on impactCrucifixion (plan of his father? So himself?)
GoalSave humanity in different waysSave humanity in different ways
Political viewHalf Democrat half RepublicanDistributism?
RelationshipsThree divorces, two with the same personCelibate
Drug useZolpidemkaneh-bosem?
View on immortalityNeuralink might merge humans and algosPromised life after death
ExistenceSaw mainly on Quora, Reddit and gossip magazinesPossible conspiracy of the Romans
Place of celebrationQuora, Reddit mainlyChurches
View on alcoholDrinks it occasionally, also with a drugConsidered a sin the misuse of alcohol
Attitude with homosexualityTesla considered a LGBT friendly companyCondemned all sexual activities outside the marriage of a man and a woman
CuresWants to fix some disabilities with NeuralinkHealed many sick people, even with disabilities
SkillsEngineering, designWood, metal, stone works, construction skills
Languages spokenEnglishAramaic, Hebrew, Greek, Latin
Net worth20.7 billion $The believer assigns preciousness to him
NicknameMr. Missed Deadlines, Iron manThe Lord, the unnamable
ChildhoodBullied in South AfricaLuke summarized his childhood in one sentence
Perceived existential threatArtificial intelligence or statistical learningDifferent categories of behaviors
MumModelServant of God, virgin

I'd like to know if you'd add something else


I know, there exists different facts about Jesus according to different schools of thought. I tried to write the one closer to the Italian tradition.



About Jesus' life, relationships and vision, let's read the gospels (even the apocryphal ones, if you want), not Wikipedia. He was attending whores and rabble, he was eating and drinking with them. Where have you found something about his condemnation about sexual behaviors?

Where have you found something about his condemnation about sexual behaviors?

I didn't write this. I found it in a source I didn't put, maybe also because of the length of the Resources section

Jesus Christ- The Truth
Elon Musk - Lier