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Nice to know for yourself. I know that no one will help without anyone's benefit, and dealing with people is too difficult to compare to anything. Since I have a head and power for most things, from being single to incompetence and incompetence, I don't thank the people in my environment, I'm afraid I don't thank you, and I'm made too much.


The people who do all their work are not biased. You're free, you're no one, no worries, you're free, and most importantly, you're free. Since I see the real faces of people, I find it less tiring to self-help to ask them for help.

Life teaches as you live, but compassion arises when it comes to applying what you learn. You don't owe anybody, when they fall into the hands of people they use their desperation. The result is neither I want nor give.


Thin thinking is subtle, elegant, courteous and at the same time a great virtue, not everyone can. Especially when the arrogance premium is much harder today. When a man lives and the same troubles he pulls and he expects to be shown. Change is always beautiful, but firstly, starting from ourselves and doing it in honor.

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