Leopard with color pencils, my new version of drawing, step-by-step.

in elegance •  4 months ago

Hello my dear friends, followers and guests of my blog!
Yesterday for the gallery, I made a leopard drawing with colored pencils on ф craft paper.
I looked at him a lot and I did not really like the background, he is very close in color with a leopard.
So I decided to change it today and paint it on a black background. And this is what I've made:
black (6).jpg

And here is a previous vercion, on craft paper:

I think the black background is much better, isn´t it?

For fans of viewing the creation process, my step-by-step review:
black (2).jpg

black (3).jpg

black (4).jpg

black (5).jpg

black (6).jpg

black (1).jpg

I hope you like it!

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That looks fantastic! Great choice with the background color, i think it makes a huge difference. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the animal is nocturnal, no? So the black background almost makes it looks like a scene right out of nature one dark night :)

I really like this drawing a lot!


to be honest, I do not know whether it's a night beast or daytime. But probably yes, at night he hunts peacefully sleeping rabbits)))

This is massive, you did a great job with this
But I like to ask you, have you heard of @celfchallenge
I think with this knd of massive design skill you need to see what you stand to gain with @celfchallenge


Thank you!
I didn't find anything for art there, #celfchallenge. Just writing contests, but my inglish is very poor to write a stories ))

It does look much more striking on the black background :)


Thank you!

Sweet drawing :) love how it's creeping out of the shadows ready to pounce.

Good work, you got the eye really nicely!
Black one is better as it emphasizes the details.

AHHH, this looks so lovely <3
i love the details and the texture :D
it looks so realistic, very lovely and great work my friend.
btw, i also like those eyes so much ^^

That is an amazing drawing @prostosun!

Loved the eye expression and overall work. Keep up the good job!