Making of fantasy girl with pencil sketching.

in elegance •  5 months ago

Hi everyone good evening this is oodeyaa here friends I am trying my hands to make a fantasy girl portrait as these days fantasy work is on its hype.

Requirements: Black HB pencil.


Dear friends let's make this portrait with pencil and give it a fantasy look for this purpose we have to make a picture that is closer to a fantasy girl and the most important role of this portrait will play by it's eyes, face, lips, cheeks and face so we have to take extra care on those areas and shed them properly so it will looks like a fantasy girl.



After making this portrait we have to give a special tone of colour so it's looks like a fantasy girl.

Friends as I am not very keen on art and portrait making so there will be some mistakes possible and if you have any advise I am eagerly waiting for your golden advise.

Thank you friends.

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Awesome piece you have got here,
Really love the facial details most especially her eyes.

Congrats @oodeyaa you just got yourself a 60% upvote from @artzone.

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Thank you dear @artzone for adding me to your reward list.

The picture of the scenes shows a beautiful view of photography. The picture that can be painted with color of human imagination seems to be more natural. The painting is no longer in color and color. Photography is also limited to camera frames. Like technology and rich imagination of human imagination.


Thanks dear friend for your valuable words.