Under the sea waves. My micro illustration

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Today I want to show you a miniature illustration. I drew it for a micromarathon, which took place in the Instagram. This picture I drew on theme «water».
For drawing I used alcohol markers, a liner and a white gel pen.

Previously I drew the contours of the drawing with a pencil.

Then I began to paint over. I decided to start with the main figure of the picture - the turtle. I used the markers of the color of the umber, orange, yellow, dark gray, blue, and liner.

Painted the water with a blue marker. With a white gel pen drew strips - light flashes of water ripples and then painted them with mint color.

I drew a distant background - sandy beach, palm trees and sky. For the sky I used a cold blue marker to make the sky different from the sea.

I emphasized some details with the liner. My drawing is ready.

Since there was a restriction on the size of the drawing (should not exceed 5 cm), I photographed also my picture near the jubilee coin of the USSR for comparison.

Gif with the stages of drawing

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I apologize if you find mistakes in my text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Wow! This drawing look very cute!
(I have new drawings and hope you look at them)


thank you)

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im continually amazed with your micro pieces, @kleonella ! you are amazing to have been able to draw with such details in such small canvases !

love the underwater light-shadows in this one, and of course, the turtle is nicely done also <3


thank you very much!)always a pleasure to read your reviews)

Beautiful:) Resteemed!


thank you very much!)

wow... great illustration power...