Fiery phoenix. My detailed micro drawing with markers

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Hello, everyone!
There is a competition of illustrations - miniatures In the Instagram and I decided to participate. The main condition - the size of the picture should not exceed 5 cm. There should be 4 themes for illustrations. The next topic for illustration is "fire".
I decided to draw a fiery phoenix. I painted with alcohol markers, using only their thin rod because of the size of the drawing.

First I drew the contours of the drawing with a pencil.

Then I began to paint with the lightest shade, using a yellow marker. I panted the whole figure of a bird.

Then I used other colors. First I painted the figure of a bird with a light orange marker. By the marker movements tried to show the contours of the feathers.

Has passed to more bright shades. I stroked the contours of the bird with a bright orange marker.

I painted the background of the drawing with a black marker to contrast the phoenix in the picture.

At the final stage I strengthened some details in the drawing, emphasized the contours and some lines with a white gel pen.

The result was photographed in daylight.

To compare the size of the picture I photographed it near the jubilee coin of the USSR.

Gif with stages

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I apologize if you find mistakes in my text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Really nice drawing! It's not easy to draw on a such little size, you did it well :)


thank you)

I like it! the fire looks awesome, which contest is this?

Wow! Very nice for such a miniature sized canvas !! What a challenge ! You captured the fieriness well <3 <3 <3


thank you very much!)

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