First Portrait With Oil Painting / My Original Painting

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Hey there Steemians!

I have continued with the use of oil painting. I had never painted a face with this painting. But since i have done it with colored pencils, i thought that this would be the same. I must say it's much harder, maybe i see it this way because i'm not used to oil painting, but i had a lot of fun. Here i bring you the sample of my learning, the girl with bewitching eyes.

Materials that i used:

HB graphite pencil, eraser, oil paints, brushes, sheet of paper, oil to dilute the paint.


Below i show you the step by step:

Step 1: As in every drawing, i made the sketch, i used the HB graphite pencil and an eraser.


Step 2: I painted the right eye of the face and part of the skin.


Step 3: I added a base of paint to the rest of the skin of the face and lips.


Step 4: I added the details to the face


Step 5: Finally the hair, first i added the base of black paint and then the lights with a very fine brush.


Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved


I hope you enjoyed!

I say goodbye steemit, not without first, thank you all for supporting my work, them for reading and devoting a little of their time.

"To be happy, we have to start loving ourselves and our work!"

Until next time!


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howdy from Texas francisftlp! I was cruising along when your title caught my eye when it said "first portrait" because I thought I wonder how good someone's first painting could be?

well I'm glad I checked this out because I think it pretty remarkable!
If this is your first then I think you have a bright future as a portrait painter!


Thank you very much, it is wonderful when someone says that, i hope to improve with each painting.


well howdy there francisftlp! hey I think you should be very happy with your work and I think you're going to go far! God bless you!

Lovely! You have a great touch!


Thank you so much, i'm glad you liked it.

This is a very good attempt for your first oil painting, Francis. I like that part of her face is hidden, it gives her an aura of mystery.            
Well done.         


Hey @Scrawly, thank you very much, hehehe if it looks very mysterious and captivating. I'm glad you liked it.

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Hey @c-cuadrado, Thanks for the support.

Hi francisftlp,

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Thanks for the support. I'm very grateful.

You really did an amazing job for your first try! I love her hair and how you made it to hide part of her face, it gives her some kind of attitude which I kinda like.

Amazing, You will only get better!!


thank you very much for the comment is very sweet.

This is brilliant. I wish to learn how to paint. Will be great to see a video


Regrettably i do not have equipment to record videos, but if i had them, i would.


Awwe. Oh well, all the best.

Oh wow! This is beautiful! I can't believe this is your first portrait using oil paints. This is just incredible and I am honestly having a difficult time finding words to describe how amazing I find this. I always admire anyone who can draw and this is just simply, mesmerizing!


Thank you very much, i'm also surprised with the result, i'm glad you liked it.


You are very welcome!

Wow, I never would've known you weren't used to painting with oil paints. This came out great!


Well i think it went well because i have practice with colored pencils. Thanks for your comment.

Great job in rendering the piece. For a moment, I thought this was done through water color. You definitely know your anatomy and proportions. :D


Thank you very much, i think it's because i practiced with colored pencils.

Good first attempt at oils@!! Keep posting more!


Thank you very much, i will continue doing it.

Francis ! I see that you decided to present your first oil painting work :D Very nicely done and congratulations on curie :D

If you have any other questions, feel free to poke me on discord at any time <3


Oh @veryspider! thank you for your words, and thanks for the help, you are very kind <3

Hello this is amazing the look on your painting is so intense!!!great work


thank you so much @drawmeaship <3

Beautiful :D I like the result, what a depth in her eyes, Miss Mystery :)

Wow, amazing work.


Hey @manisha.jain9, thank you :-)

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