Customization of Guitar with The Owl Theme

in elegance •  8 months ago


Greetings to my friends who are always in happiness

The opportunity this time I will make a post with the theme of customization, which became the medium of paint this time is an old guitar, and the tool used for customization there are some paint, brush and other drawing equipment that I often use.
Begin by releasing all existing guitar strings, and sanding the base surface of the guitar to make it easy to re-paint.


unfortunately I did not have time and forgot to take a photo of his guitar before the customization. because too eager in making the work.


Only a few photos that I can show with different angles, for this post, to prove to the origin of the work.
maybe in some future time i will make a similar work and will be more careful in terms of making tutorial so there is no moment to be missed.


Greetingsart @arifmunandar72

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Nice pic :-) is this your tone master? It's amazing :-) love this model


Thanks for coming my blog