Painting of the week: Reaching Out

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"Reaching out, I surrender"

The lines that captured my heart from the worship song "Touch the Sky" by Hillsong United


Materials and tools:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Posca Pens
  • Clear Epoxy Resin
  • 16"x20" Canvas
  • Oil Paint



This is the revision and continuation of my acrylic pour painting last time. If you want to take a tour on that process you can go to this link :

I used my acrylic painting I did last time as a background for my new artwork.

I am practicing to paint hand figures. This is one of the paintings I'm proposed to display to our upcoming exhibit at Manhattan Row, Araneta, Quezon City on August 26, 2018



I prepared the materials and the canvas with my painting.

I then outlined the figure I want to paint using oil paint.


I used a picture of my hand as a reference :


Then I applied white acrylic for base color and let it dry.

here's the base paint of the hand

Now is the hard part for me, making a hand figure using oil. I'm still struggling to use it but I want to pursue this so I took this as an opportunity to practice and practice.


I used black and white to make a neutral feels on my painting because the background is colourful and lively.


Part by part and slowly, I smudge the parts of the hands to smoothen the surface.

It took me almost 4 sessions to finish the hand.


I thought that this would be enough but something's missing. It felt like so blank. So I decided to buy resin and white and gold pen for details.



Here's the detailed one.

Then I mixed the resin to be poured on my canvas.


I used Easy Cast Clear Epoxy Resin. I bought this at Deovir.


It's done

I just need to let it cured for one day.

I am thinking of adding more detail before my deadline.

Thank you for dropping by

Have a nice day


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The gold and white pens you used added some great accents. I also really like how the hand itself has a relatively plain section of the canvas to inhabit, with some fine swirls above it. Cool piece!


thank you :)

Looks a bit surreal, but i like the colors :-) up for that mate !

My wife also likes painting, but she does always painting by numbers :-) , so your picture is another level :-)


Thank you so much, it's hard for me to make colorful ones, but it happened here.

I hope to see your wife's painting too!
Painting by numbers is what I hate because i can't organize well


Ah okay :-) its a little longer ago since i posted that. Here we go:

... this was an article about the topic relaxation. She does it to calm down.

No advertise on me on this point :-) but you liked to see :-)

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Wow, thank you so much for appreciating my post :)

The hand stands our from all that is going on in the background which is beautiful. I love the colors you used for it too.

The time you spent making it sure did pay off!


Thank you so much :D

hi@aalagenesis nice picture

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Thank you for always supporting my posts

Nice ate.


Thank you Miss Imma <3


Very nice. I do agree that it was lacking before applying the gold and resin. You did do very well with the hand using acrylic. I understand it is a harder medium to create life-like images with, but yours appears very well done.


Thank you !

Hello that is a beautiful painting i really like the colors. It is pretty cool that you show us all the steps to create this art and i really like the yellow string going around the hannd it gives a nice effect and link to the rest of the painting:)

Brilliantly done and expressed. I love seeing the steps, and how a work of art progresses. Thanks for sharing

It has a surreal feel to it. The use of gold on this piece was a good choice. A bit of red wouldn't hurt (to highlight a part or give focus for the audience but that's just me). Good job on the color choice and blend here. :D


Thank you so much. I'll try red on some of my paintings. :) Thank you