what MUSIC fits with SNOW?

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...and then FINALLY! first snow crystals coming down to mother earth here in Amsterdam! it took a while with temperatures just above and around zero degree Celsius for the last couple of weeks; Thor's water was only turned into the beautiful crystals last night. Ok ok technically maybe not turned into, more like stayed crystals and not turned into water before it hits the ground, but you know what I mean :)

...also this morning I received this photograph from my brother, he lives in Germany and also they got the first snow of the season; and they really got a good chunk of it! I wished I was with him at the moment, since Amsterdam only got 1 millimetre and not worth to even try and take a photograph of it.

© my brother (source)

...anyways, this beautiful day requires beautiful music... already before I introduced you to these Italian guys... they are still working on their big breakthrough - maybe they are not working on it, but I certainly hope they will be picked up by the bigger promoters sometime in the future... anyways, they create BEAUTIFUL electronic music and sets... the one I share with you today is one that is making me feel super happy... the cold outside, the warmth from the floor heating AND the music inside...


Press Play Below


Artist: natural/electronic.system.
Set: INVEINS Podcast 047
Year: 2018
Country: Italy

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I'm not sure if it's your cup of tea, but I'm listening currently to Tracey Chapman and I believe it can fit the snowy atmosphere you have.

It has been a long time, since I've listened to Tracey Chapman; Been out of touch with her latest works; What album you are listening and what can you recommend?

I'm listening to the first one, Tracy Chapman... Yeah, I know, the famous one, but I missed it :)

Owww, but that is certainly a good one! Now I'm listening a recording Soundcloud presented to me from an artist I didn't know, hearing good sounds and will post this soon. NJOY Tracey!

in my opinion Biosphere represents an ultimate winter style in his music. Speaking about snow in Netherlands, yesterday I was driving a car around 11-12 P.M. when we had the highest risk on the road. And I must admit that traffic lights worked more than perfectly ! Switching from green to red was always performed in the best moment. Always with the safety assurance. Smart solutions for the cities on the beginning of the XXI century. Without sarcasm, it was really a pleasure to drive with a max speed 30kmph in the city and up 70kmph on the highway

Owww, Biosphere is indeed a good recommendation!

Years ago I changed from (super) fast driving to old style driving (with cruise control, but regularly behind a truck at the right side of the road; ok ok, my current car is not able to power fast driving anyway). But yeah, the systems we have in NL are not bad at all! :) Soon (ok, in relative terms, or as someone from Australia I know says: soon has no time definition, so it can be of any lenght) and we'll be driving without out hands, all at the same speed, and will arrive at our destination quickly; no traffic jams, super save travelling and so on :)

This winter 'storm' last weekend, I decided not the take the challenge to try and be in it, I simply stayed insight :)