Electroneum- What is its true Worth?

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I've been perusing the board, reading the comment threads from various sites, and suprisingly I've rarely heard anything insightful over the true purpose of the mining app. The biggest barrier as we all should know, is for people to actually start using the cryptocurrency, as an actual currency. We are a creature of habit, and as such- over the last few years and surely decades, we have been habituated to the use of computers and we depend on phones and apps to go about our daily lives. How often do you drive without using your navigator, for instance? It didn't always used to be this way.

Repitition, use of a rewards system, and ease of transition and adoption to a mass audience I would think is invaluable for this market. I should have invested in Bitcoin when I first heard about it, as I was interested in anything that could get us away from the federal reserve notes. The only thing that really stopped me, was how complicated and overwhelming it was. Had I invested in Bitcoin rather than silver... WOW! Who knew? If it was as simple as installing an app, I would be a millionaire today! That app is exactly why Electroneum really has caught my attention.

This video from Nicholson1968 was an excellent 2 hour presentation discussing the beginning of the computer age and where we are headed... but most importantly how we got here. It perfectly explains what it is that gets you hooked.

When I think of lack of wide adoption and mass participation using or even just investigating bitcoin or other crypto currencies in the market, this is the only one I've heard so far that attempts to solve this problem. If it can get someone like me to actually attempt to mine electroneum from my laptop- that has got to be worth something! The app also has a way of making you want to go on kucoin to buy some more!

I've heard this mining app is going to have a patent, and if the security can be as airtight as possible, this could either be the introduction currency for beginners who do not care about privacy, or having a wallet on their phone. Lets face it, very precious few anymore seem to care about privacy or worry about hacking as it is. What makes this even more appealing is that it is one of the privacy coins.

Give this video a try- it just may make you think differently of electroneum, regardless of its new rating or the complaints of the mining app/wallet just not being very "useful". Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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