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RE: Comparing MANNA vs. Electroneum

in #electroneum3 years ago

Good post. I like both electroneum and manna. But did you only get 120 etn in 2 month? Sounds little. I get 3-4 etn each day. Yes - its not big money but it is money. In my family every familymember has a account at manna and electroneum. I also get some jsecoin very easy every day.


Yeah, just 120 ETN because I mine only during nights (I don't have access to the internet during a day). I feel like it was slowed down, so most recently I mine during one night only 1-2 ETN...

I think that the computer will consume more energy than you will earn by mining...

Yes. I think so too. I have not calculate it because we dont pay for energy. But one way is to only mine when you use computer anyway.