What is electricity How many types of electricity

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Power is an invisible force that generates light, sound, motion, transformed energy, etc. and provides various practical functions. Generally two types of electricity.

Type of electricity: Two types of electricity namely-
(1) Electrostatic or Static Electricity
The electricity that is generated due to the friction caused by the source of electricity is known as fixed electricity.
(2) Current electricity (Electrodynamics or Current Electricity)
When the charge continues to flow through the conductor, then let it be called electricity.

Now there is another issue left:Current says to
Current usually has two types:

  1. AC Current.

  2. DC Current.
    AC current.jpg

  3. "AC" - The full meaning is the( Alternating Current).
    That is, the time of change that changes the quality of the time is called AC current. The electricity that is provided by the transmission line at home is AC current.

  4. "DC" - The DC current is called direct current or uninterrupted electricity.
    That means there is no change in its value and direction. So, in a word that does not change the value and direction of the current,
    Say DC current or direct current.

So today we have electricity How much electricity is I liked these things. I liked you.
Today is "Allah Hafiz"

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