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In my line of work I can go to a wide variety of places.


I did my apprenticeship with a company that installs water treatment plant and equipment.
Going all around the UK wiring chemical dosing equipment. I have also been to Slovenia to learn how thier equipment works.


This was great but I quite to set up my own company. Unfortunately with most apprenticeships you normally have to leave to get the right money when you qualify.

The first company I made went under and took with it a friendship I had with my then business partner. ( school friend, best friend, best man and godfather to my little girl.)

Durig that time we rewired schools, worked in london high rise offices, tested for Southwark council and had to attend after fires.

Then my second company started, its currently employs 2 other staff and my wife in the office.

We have lots of work on and things are going good at the moment.

So I will say I love my job. Its intesting and I have to use my brain and body every day. (I couldn't sit behind a desk all day)

But I will say this if you think its all glamarous well shit the bed its not.(taken while testing a property last week)



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Well it looks great when u love your job bcz 95% of the world didnt love what they do @andrewharland

Hi @andrewharland, you are a great man, brave to take a risk of establishing a new company when you have failed at first try. You are the man with most possible success in the near future. Wish you have a great success this time. I really respect for what you have done for our PIFC community


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It always feel great whenever i saw a determined personality who is focused because nowadays everything is kind of a joke @andrewharland

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