Response to FPV Live 6 Video

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Response to Frank Vaughan video Live #6:

First Epoch Times is an excellent publication. I subscribed to it for 6 months but had to cancel not because I didn’t like it but because I just didn’t have the time to read it all the way through and the issues just kept piling up. It is the complete opposite of the Toronto Red Star that I wouldn’t even buy to line a birdcage with.

I told everyone there would not be a snap election in late autumn and I stick with my prediction there will be one in spring 2021. You note, however, that the whole training Communists in Canada controversy seems to have disappeared eh.

The last 2 CPC leadership elections in Canada used vote counting machines. First we had the 7,000 phantom ballots during the Bernier/Scheer race. Then we had the shredded ballots when O’Toole got into power. They are great for manipulating elections.

I just set up my donation for 2021 Frank, I wish it could have been more but if I win the lottery you’re on my list 🙂

The covid vaccine targets and kills off the old, gender bending and manipulation is killing off the young.

The power of the US militia, just think Waco, except against the US military one Tomahawk could probably end the conflict by sundown on the first day.

My theory on the creation and distribution of the covid19 #CCPV19 virus remains unchanged since March 2020. Canada had a role in it.

An earthquake killed 50,000 Chinese soldiers somehow hiding in Michigan, yeah, Michigan might seek quakes around 4.5 at the most, that’s like a freight train passing by your home in 30 seconds. It won’t even knock your best China down off the shelves.

I had a few comments to make on aliases vs real names on Twitter. I think if you want to be taken seriously you have to use your real name. If you are in a job where using your real name can jeopardize your work: 1) think hard about what you want to say so it doesn’t, or 2) find a better job because any that judges you based on your right to have an opinion isn’t worth having.