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This is a response to this video by Frank Vaughan:

It is this tainted society of instant gratification, everyone wants that election endorphin blasted through their systems so they can go back to complaining about covid and Trump's latest hairstyle.

The Post Millennial just said Trump lost the election when the legal democratic process has not officially declared it so. This mess in the US is exactly why I think out Minister of Justice/AG and Elections Canada must be kept at arms length out of the reach of the PM. The processes of investigation and election must be automatic, they must be forced, they must be unchallengeable.

I screenshot Trump's posts with the blue warning. I take a red line and scribble out the warning and share the screenshot. :)

I got to add a few new names I've been to called to my list since the election. I'm up to 28 insulting and derogatory names I've been called in just 18 months. I don't let it bother me, I use it as examples of what level I should not allow myself to sink to.

Last night I asked someone for their suggestion, they spent the next 3 hours stonewalling me and "assuming" my intentions. THREE HOURS. They finally settled to a defacto agreement that we agreed on some of the points of the initial discussion (the name change of a school in Halifax). This guy lost the argument at the end by calling me the C word. Very low brow. I told him so and muted him after that.

I have always screenshot and archived everything I've publicly engaged in over the last 18 months, and Tweets I've begun to share those screenshots on Mewe as I delete my back-tweets often. I think Tweets should last 3-6 hours then automatically disappear. If you haven't said your piece by then it's too late to participate in the thread.