Happy 70th Birthday to Pensioner Who's Resisting Retirement & Starting a Social Network!

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“According to society, I should be retiring and taking it easy,” says serial social entrepreneur Michael Brodie. “But that same society has some serious problems, which I am addressing with my new social network for communities - OurNet.”

Happy Birthday to OurNet Founder Michael Brodie, 70 today

At 70, most men are thinking about taking it easy, playing more golf or finally getting round to putting some shelves up. Not Founder and CEO of online community-building project OurNet, Michael Brodie, however. This retirement-shy visionary has recently moved to Portugal - Aveiro University’s startup incubator, to be exact - in a bid to transform the way people relate online.

"I've been thinking about Internet-based people-power for over fifteen years," says Brodie, who admittedly looks a lot younger than his pension-friendly age. “Long before social media was a ‘thing’, and long before Facebook started worrying the living daylights out of everyone!”

Some people get more cynical, bitter and world-weary as they get older and feel entitled to a peaceful and quiet dotage. On the contrary for Michael Brodie, who displays a genuine interest in the best sides of humanity and technology. Not your stereotypical Werther-sucking, slipper-wearing senior, changing the world will remain at the forefront of his aging process.

I want to transform the way we all use and benefit from social media and the web. Let’s move away from the ego-centric limitations of ‘me’ and focus more on the power of ‘we’.

“Our aim is to uplift and unleash the connected strength of communities, with two overriding intentions: to facilitate more trust and value in online communication and connect people more effectively on the basis of locality and interest. Plus loads of other life-enhancing features," adds Michael.

“I’m so proud to be working alongside him. He’s all that an elder should be, shaping the future for generations to come, instead of moaning about the world. In a sense, he’s a grandfather to all, with vision, generosity of spirit and wisdom to share.” says OurNet colleague and Community Builder Carl Munson.

Brodie is keen to seek out other oldies, especially tech’ elders, who’d rather be creating ‘a world that works’, instead of complaining about the current model and disappearing into retired obscurity.

You can wish him a Happy Birthday and reach out to him at michael@ournet.co

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