What 515 Chemicals Looks Like!

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The cosmetic industry makes BILLIONS off selling beauty products. And it's no surprise since makeup is one of the oldest and largest selling products in the world, revered by countless worldwide. While makeup may be fun and pretty, the affects it's causing internally isn't beautiful (nor is it worth 'the beauty').

Thanks to BodyUnburdened.com for creating such an eye catching infographic that explains the amount of toxins lurking in makeup. You can read her original post here to educate yourself further on this topic.

From the makeup to the deodorant to the body wash they use 515 TOXIC carcinogenic chemicals are penetrating right into your bloodstream. There are hundreds of toxic chemicals lurking in makeup, skin care and beauty products today, it's BONKERS! If you read the label and research each one individually, you will be blown away at how much toxins you're penetrating on your skin. Which brings me to this fact...

DID YOU KNOW? Our skin is the largest organ. 26 seconds is all it takes for chemicals and anything you put on it to penetrate straight into our bloodstream.

Image source: AllDayChic.com

It's no wonder why so many people suffer from dry skin, eczema, and acne! Must be from the products applied on the skin, duh!

So for the sake of beauty ladies, I encourage you to make a conscious, informed decision about the kind of products you are using on your skin, as the common beauty products you're using may be the main link to your headaches, dry skin, stress, and mood swings, among other health ailments.

This is why I don't wear makeup.

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