How to love my daughter in school

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How to love my daughter in school

The greater the children, the greater their problems, and the greater their responsibilities. At the beginning of their lives they need only to eat, sleep and change their nudity, and then show the desire to play, and then the desire to question and discover, and then the blossoms of their personalities and begin to choose their clothes, and their games begin many applications that do not end, The problems of education peak, when you go to school, because the child will now leave the home of your child who taught him everything, and another child with a new mind and thought, new information and new opinions, and other wishes have not been heard before, depending on the extent of acceptance of the child For the learner And you will live with him days of school day by day as if you are in class but with double fatigue, patience and long, and perhaps one of the major problems facing mothers with their children when entering the school hatred of the child to the school, and not accept it and you can know your child's acceptance of the school through several aspects,

1 - not wanting to talk about his day at school, the natural child is cutting on his mother what happened with him since he left the door of the house until his return in detail boring, but the child who hates the school would prefer not to talk.

2 - may be declared hatred of the school or the teacher or classmates with a clear verbal term such as (I do not like school, hate school and others) and if that happens to pay attention to him and understand the problem facing your child.

3 - not wanting to solve the duty or go to school, and prefer sleeping, playing and eating to hold the book, as if it is compulsory and disturbing.

4 - may show him some mental and physical disorders in the event there is something frightening in school, such as stuttering speech, urination and involuntary.

She does not want to go to her, even if he does not cry and say so explicitly, so she is looking for a solution to make her son or daughter love the school and want to go to it. Certainly there are many solutions that I will put in the hands of mothers to help them. To overcome this stage in the same if the girl is experiencing the problem:

1 - Understand the cause of your child's hatred of the school, talk to her from the mother of her daughter, and Raba tell you the real reason, which may be fear of school or lack of understanding of something, and may hide from you and in this case my school, and miss your daughter well, and you will discover the problem Certainly .

2 - Talk to the school to give some attention, and if it is the reason for fear of your daughter, ask them to improve treatment, and if you refused, move your daughter from the classroom and need the rest of the whole school, because the first chapters have an impact extends to the rest of the years of study.

  1. Buy it for a grainy, study, for example, trunk Lulu Katie you love and notebooks pink set, colored pens, Adjalleha is their own choice, and do not forget the school Bakl, buy more than one type and tell her every day I will work for you hairstyle and I will make you a princess.

  2. Look for friends your daughter, and Qrbhe them in the classroom, Adjalehm dedicate to Madrshamaa, Companionship will make it better, and I love to her heart.

5 - strengthen it whenever she told you what happened with her in school, and the higher the mark.

  1. national visited several times in the year, and ask them and Amidhaha before the parameter, and the director to feel proud, and always a desire to return to school.

  2. overcome its problems in the sleeves of study, difficult to explain things to her or send them an educational center.

The solutions that the mother can benefit from are numerous, can not be limited, but all are based on proper communication with the child, understanding the physical and psychological requirements of the stage he is going through. This is something that no mother can miss because the relationship between the mother and her child is too large to sum up in a book Educational, and deeper than explained by a psychologist, she is simply the only person who understands the child, and read it as an open book, which is the most knowledgeable person to deal with.

By: Noha Mohammad


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