Worldschooling with Andrea and Lian (video/podcast)

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Many modern schools are modelled after a military model - stand in a muster, follow instructions, respond to the bells. A student who doesn't feel like being militarised - which is probably most of them - can be seen as a "problem child", but for people who celebrate creativity, independent thought, and self-expression, that child is seen as a genuine free spirit.

People are starting to realise that these outdated systems don't serve us or the children any longer, and they're looking for alternatives, such as "worldschooling", taking their kids on a family gap year to explore and find ways to learn and socialise in the real world. Some decide to never go home again.

In this episode, Kurt interviews Andrea and Lian, a mother and son who are worldschoolers and have been travelling the Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia for five months, discovering new aspects of themselves, learning English, and facing the challenges that come with it. Join us on another globe-trotting episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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School should product a child as a member of future society....four wall knowledge can only product machine not real human being....

The traditional way of school and studying is clearly not for everybody, sometimes people need to get outside the box

very informative and interesting post like it and upvoted!!

It's really a mess that hardly anybody of the "normal people" is questioning the school system... we'll also give world schooling a try, even though it's only for 4 months in the first place... we'll travel to USA 🇺🇸 and Mexico 🇲🇽

Agreed...we really need a refresh button on the educational system..its so old world order and it doesn't work anymore...need a desperate refresh!