Open-Source Education: Carey Giudici (video/podcast)

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Millions of children around the world are aware to some extent of one specific truth - that schools no longer teach what is relevant to them, and the structure of schooling doesn't serve them. Many modern schools are built around the Prussian model - a military model, which in many cases, demands compliance above all else, and secondly, emphasises the memorisation of facts. Once upon a time, this was beneficial in certain ways, preparing workers for the monotony of factory jobs in the industrial era. Now that era has passed, and with the age of automation upon us, it becomes increasingly obvious that learning to be a human robot not only won't help students thrive - it will barely allow them to survive.

Carey Giudici is an editor and writer who realised that there were paths to knowledge as yet unexplored, and one way to lead children along the path of self-knowledge was by giving personality tests to them, and connecting them with mentors, experts with similar personality traits around the world who can guide them.

In this interview, Carey tells us about how this system of education, which he calls SMILE, might function, how it already is beginning to function, and how it will help young people with high levels of stress, frustration, and confusion in schools that don't teach them to become leaders.

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