Phrasal verbs :: break up, drift apart and work out

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Peace Steemians,

Today, let us practice with this situation between Jane and Tom some phrasal verb


Things haven't been going well for Tom and Jane.

The feelings Jane once had for Tom have disappeared, and today she's telling him it's over.

"I think it's time we break up, Tom," Jane says. "We've been drifting apart for a while because I'm so busy with work, and I haven't had much time for us."

"I understand," says Tom. "But is there nothing we can do to save the relationship? I'm sure we can work it out if we try."

"Sadly, it's not you, it's me, Tom," Jane replies. "Breaking up is never fun, but I'm just too busy to give you the time you deserve."

"I love you very much, Jane, but I understand."


This obviously isn't the happiest situation, but the context and emotion help you understand the vocabulary quickly and easily.

The phrasal verbs break up, drift apart and work out are especially clear within the situation.

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Incredibly graceful.


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Just engaging :-)


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