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Dear Steemians. Today, I have decided to do something new and interesting. It happened that I tried it a couple days ago, and I really found a pleasure in doing it. Since I know for myself, I was listening transistors and radios, watching MTV and VHR TV, and singing in a shower. The passion for music has always been around me. It helped me to significantly improve my English abilities, to learn German, and to become the biggest joke amongst the friends when I try to sing Despacito in Spanish. I also had a great HIP-HOP career in primary school when I gathered a group, and created a love song for my old love. The song was only 1.4 minutes long because the program was 'demo' version and it allowed me to record only for that time. However, the girl fell in love with me, and I became the biggest joke when I got to high school because of my 'undeveloped' voice in that song which got 'viral' mocking meme for my life since I was not able to delete it from YouTube anymore. Was she worthy of all of those mockings?

Hell, YES!

This year, however, I started being very passionate about German rap since I really like the rhythm and aggressive beat mode. It sounds so good in a car with 100% bass on. Also, I live in Germany for around two years, and I have started seeing a new pattern amongst youth on the streets. I've started hearing the same songs I listen, outside of my car, usually played by either primary school students, or older adolescents. Each of them is dressed in an 'underground' fashion style.

Something like this:

Each of them has a cap, each of them holds a cigarette in one hand, each of them has a beer in the another hand, each of them shouts around in a weird 'Arabo/Turkish' accent, and each of them is younger than 16 years old for sure.

I was wondering why are all these 'animals' behaving like this? I asked myself if this is going to badly influence our society? And I decided to explore it by doing an analysis of videos and lyrics of those songs which me, as a way older youngster, listen in my car. Will I become like those kids? Well, if I continue listening and watching those types of songs, then most likely, YES!

So I have decided to do a bit of analysis of songs that we daily listen. As I said, I will start with German Rap. The first analysis (seems like more criticism tho) will be on the famous German/French rapper Raf Camora, and his song GOTHAM CITY.

RAF Camora

All GIFs are manually produced by myself on GIPHy.gif

Overall, the song talks about the crime and wrong behavior which is represented as very 'profitable' and 'strong' manly part of the life. The worst part is that kids are attracted by the way how it is represented in the way that if you become a criminal, you will have all the cars, girls, and money overnight. Other than that, it spits police which is shown as powerless in getting bands down. This is GERMAN POLICE, it is not a movie. I don't even have to say that Germany is one of the most safest countries to live in. Is it going to stay like this, you tell me.

Already in the first couple of intro seconds, we can see how vandalism-crazy driving around the city is shown, as well as illegal actions through the windows of two cars. This is not happening whatever that small yellow thing is. However, it reminds me on the inside plastic of kinder egg. You can not just sit in Audi or any other brand and expect to drift like in Fast and Furious movies. It takes years to accomplish that, and this guy is probably hired professional who makes profit out of somehting what he likes to do.

This scene shows exactly what every kid is dreaming for: luxurious cars and guns (at least most of us did dream about it). It is crazy that this Audi R8 takes years of hard work in order to be bought. For this video, it was the most likely rented. Raf Camora is, on the abother hand, very humble, and has waaaay cheaper car. Luxury cars, okay. Golden pistols? Where the f***k do you live? And you give it to a 13 years old kid to be proud of it? Does it make him feel powerful? YES! Is it the correct way of making someone powerful? NO! Educate yourself, make golden pistols company, and then you will feel powerful becaused you learned how to get successful. Library is the main source of power.

Third scene is very powerful since it shows how each of them feels strong, unbeatable, fearless. But only when they are in the group. When each of them is alone, they are probably sleep with the lights on because they are scared of dark.

And do they know how to show any other finger maybe rather the middle one? What does it make so special? Do they possibly know that middle finger in Japanese means older brother? Good to know that as well: http://www.mirror.co.uk/70b0f0b9-3131-4652-b322-b9ffb014b49b . Or it just waves in the air because everyone is doing it? Be unique, do something different. Maybe something like this:

The scenes under indicate on violence, guns, luxury, many fingers indicating on 'brotherhood' (this is a big family tho), street fights which exist only in ancient Rome (but not in Germany).

This schene obiviously show the rage and power coming out of the pleasure of being 'bad ass' criminal. Many of young kids can find their idols in such people because they feel unsafe, weak, and alone, where the best way to get out of it is to get some muscles or possibly gun, and go around the city like no one can do anything to you. Police in Gemrnay is anyways weaker than the average person.

Or if you can not earn money by your computer or even a hard work at the garden, than just bring that pistol in one of the famous EDEKAs, wear a torn socks, and leave as the richest guy in the city. No one will notice on the CCTV who are you. However, this one is very funny, indeed.

It somehow reminds me on this lady:

But let's teach some kids how to say bad words, let's teach them how to climb the cars, let's teach them how to make hydrogenic bombs in plastic bottles. It would be better to teach them how to say thanks when someone gives them something, it would be better to teach them how to climb mountains, and it would definitely be better to bring those plastic bottes and earn some money as recycle refund (In Germany, one plastic bottle costs 0.25 cents.).

Then again, this scene shows so many older brothers. I am wondering how they are so familiar with Japaneese culture. But as I remember, in my 10 years of playing basketball with my friends, hoop wasn't meant to be for sitting. I thing that Germany is very well develped that they could afford a beanch next to the court, isn't it? I mean how the ball is going to get there anyways?

When I was playing basketball, it looked somehow like this. There was no mafia on sports courts. Maybe I am wrong? I wouldn't say so. I freaking practiced on the court exactly because of the reaseon not to go in this typ of 'bad-influence' groupies. BECAUSE MAFIA IS NOT ON THE FREAKING COURT, SPORTS PEOPLE ARE.

I have cows back home, and I am just wondering if one of them would be able to eat as much grass as people represent the weed here. I was only narcoW dealer, each morning at 7, with my arms full of grass for my cattle. Police is so powerless. They will never catch you with this much weed, and 2018 technology, no way. SAVE YOURSELF PLACE UNDER THE SAFE HOME ROOF. Why do you need to lay in the ugly prison because you could have gone cattle farming instead of putting weed into the plastic bag.

Yes, you are very good father. Teach your son how to fight before he even knows leaves your safe house and hands. Teach him that he is the man as soon as he stepps out of the garden, make him feel powerful and frearless. Teach him how to beat olders and take their money. Teach him how to get a pitbull which can eat you both when it has a 'period.'

OR... Just go out, get some more weed, hide it in a cap, break some cars or motocycles, and your stress will be releaved. GO FREAKING READ A BOOK. Someone paid for that motorcycle, and it is not you definitely.

I just don't understand one thing. Why is the kid with asperger syndrome shown in the middle of gangsters' life. Do you even care about it? Get some more ideas about how you can contribute and help charities, and do not raise money on them. The last places in the hell will be reserved for those.

And once for the end, show your rage. Show that you leared what how easily you will spend your life, how easily you will get rich. Show that you are not afraid of anyone. Show some love for older Japanese brothers, again. You will be revarded with this golden track reward... NO. Raf Camora will be rawarded because of young gangester who are watching this, who are going to take Germany under their control over the night.

Raf will definitely reward you, no doubts, with a huge applause. An applause for becoming dumber by trusting in what he is selling to your naive eyes.

And yes, moeny will be faling from the sky, autographs will be a daily part of your day. IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?

And once for the end, middle finger, the most significant sign for all of his Japanese older brothers in the world.

Even though many of scenes were egsagerated, I hope you got a sense of what is slowly becoming our reality. I hope you did not mind my spill of the emotions and slang language. For any suggestion or comment, please write in the comments section. Any reccomendations of songs to be analysed, please them down? Any critics or suggestions, PLEASE tell me. If you felt what I did, and if you feel that others should be informed about this as well and learn more about German future generations, WELCOME to RESTEEM this post.

I sincerely hope you enyoed reading this.


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