What is a mental retardation?

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A mental retardation, or intellectual disability, is a condition that is diagnosed before the age of 18, this condition causes, the deficiency of intellectual abilities, this is much lower than what a person could have, the nature of This condition or disability lies in the functioning of the brain, a mild failure that causes a host of anomalies, such as Down syndrome or some other type of delay, is called disability, because it is a condition that affects your development with respect to some actions, whether motor or sensory, a mental disability manages to make a person very different from what the rest is, since their way of perceiving things is very different due to their disability, the vast majority of people with this condition do not live normal lives, since many are totally dependent on other people.

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The causes of a mental retardation are very specific, such as infections that can be a great motor to promote some condition that limits some functions in the person, chromosomal anomalies this is more delicate since it comes from birth and its treatment is not possible, since the chromosomes are altered and cause a physical as well as mental condition, and environmental processes could also occur, which in the environment where the pregnancy occurs, cause some difficulties that affect the fetus, and this develops in ways that are not common, and that cause these kinds of difficulties.

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A maturational delay is diagnosed when it affects two areas at the same time, and in people who previously had not presented this type of limitations, this can affect both speech and any other motor part, the causes of maturational delay are infections, or some type of difficulty that occurs in the area of ​​the brain, this gives several changes to the nature of the body or other skills, mostly occurs with accidents, or brain tumors that people without any condition limit certain capabilities.

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In the social field, intellectual disability is a modern term, since previously it was known as mental retardation, this term was changed due to sentimental protection in patients who suffered it, intellectual disability is a very delicate process, since limits the intellectual, social and perception development of people, a person with intellectual disability delay, usually develops more slowly than the rest, this happens due to their condition, although despite their impediments, many of them stand out for their abilities different in which they are very good, not always a disability is a brake, since many people have shown otherwise, throughout the ages, many people with special conditions, have managed to revolutionize the way in which they develop in the society.

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