The school committee is the proper fundraising for good education quality

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Management puts money as a driver of all activities. Just like a vehicle that runs on fuel then money becomes the basic driving force of all movements. Education also has the same thing with other activities. Dana became a major supporter to foster a decent education according to the times. Indonesia has replaced chalk with a marker, does it need no funds?

Fundraising ideas for school- In today's life everything is just too expensive and it is of absolute necessity that a teacher must help raise funds for the school. Give us your best ideas that can be beneficial to other schools or teachers. @steemiteducation


Who are raises funds for education? teachers, learners?

The teacher who raise funds to develop is wrong. Teachers who become vigor will be bothered with charity activities? When will a teacher plan their lessons? When will teachers enrich themselves with methods and materials? What about the personality of a teacher who constantly thinks about his education development fund and his salary?
I've seen students walk from table to table in a coffee to raise funds to build their school. They begiliran seek funding from generous donations. They collect Rp. 1000 by a thousand to help their educational place. This is a practical way, but it is unfortunate that this action has drained their learning time, their psychics are formed by the nature of the beggar, and the public's view of the institution becomes the institution of failing to manage the funds.

I suggest the establishment of school commite, who is worthy of being a school committee?

School Committee is an independent institution established and play a role in improving the quality of service by providing consideration, direction, and support of personnel, facilities and infrastructure, and supervision of education at the level of education units. Article 56 paragraph 3 of the SPN Law no. 20/2003

In the past, the school committee consisted of wealthy teachers, community leaders, and guardians. Once learned, the teacher is not eligible to be a committee due to under intimidation of the principal. This activity will affect the teaching and policy activities of the principal and will also affect the career of teacher prophecy. Therefore, an independent kommite is required without being influenced by anyone's policies. The committee should be chosen from community leaders who care about education.

The Committee is committed to improving the quality of education services. committee members strive to be the guarantor of the quality of institutional education. They aim for educational goals with selective considerations of agreed quality. The Committee also supports agencies with personnel, improving facilities and infrastructure. Of course this activity requires a lot of funds. Therefore they will strive for charitable activities in various ways to develop education.

School committees have a responsibility to improve supervision of quality educational processes. The principal should not go beyond the policies that the committee has made. Independently this committee will conduct supervision and assist in the realization of school vision and mission.


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