Pedagogic competence, provision of a teacher's readiness

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Teachers become the first object To obtain a relevant education to be trained and developed into an important profession. Therefore, the teacher's skill has recently been highlighted by the relevant government agencies. A teacher's ability to manage classes and teaching materials are at the core of education itself. The purpose of education that should be directed by the teacher to the students begins with the successful process of absorption of knowledge by teachers to make students understand the teaching materials well. Teachers must have competencies as the basic concept of managing education.

One of the most important competencies is pedagogic competence. Teachers must master this capability as best they can. Stabilization of this competence is obtained from the education of prospective teachers with the giftedness, interest, and educational potential. This becomes the basic capital of educators toward responsible education.

Advantages of teachers can be seen from their skills to understand and master the characteristics of learners. Ingenious teachers always use data and information about their students By continuously recording and observing learners from the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, moral, and socio-cultural background of learners. This action will have an effect on the youth climate in which teachers can identify the learning characteristics of each learner. For example, a teacher teaches in coastal areas. Teachers are encouraged to raise their voice because of natural factors that make them not hear well. That's because they often dive and their nature sounds big.

A wise teacher can ensure that all learners get equal opportunities to be active in learning activities. in class we often get the percentage of students who are more dominant clever to get the opportunity to be involved in the learning process. causing other students to feel saturated in the classroom. Therefore, data that have been recorded teachers help teachers to group students with various characteristics.

Managing the classroom is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that learners can absorb the teaching materials as determined by the syllabus and ensure that each student completes their assignment. Teachers are required to actively manage the class, whether it is physical classes and teaching materials so that all students can understand the study of the material. Teachers must also be careful of the deviations made by students by knowing the main cause of the deviation so that deviations that have been done students do not harm other students.

In the process of learning teachers help develop the potential of learners, this potential can be known to teachers quickly if the teacher enjoys his job. If the teacher has recorded any information about the students and knows the characteristics of the teacher will be easy to find potential learners. A reliable educator is a teacher who cares about the learning progress of the learner, he is able to complete his class in an active, practical, communicative, effective and fun way. I am sure, this teacher will be remembered by his students till whenever.

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