Does a scholarship for a superior student affect the learning climate?

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Ulumuddin boarding school has been established in 1991. This school has gone through a quarter century running a character-based education program. a school that has faced various experiences of educating the nation's children so that it has succeeded in winning the hearts of education customers to entrust their children to school in this boarding school. This school age is a guaranteed quality indicator caused by tens of thousands of alumni who have been granted and have earned a place in top universities throughout Indonesia and the world. Several alumni have become doctors and will be prepared to become professors at several universities in Aceh and Indonesia.

Today is the 27th time Ulumuddin accepts new students who have tested his ability. They are new students of elementary, junior, high school, and vocational schools. A proud achievement because this school successfully build education from basic to high school level. The community has chosen this school to feel addicted to sending nearly all its children to school, because the whole school has succeeded in shaping the character of the learner into a good, obedient, creative, critical and responsible person.

This school holds an annual apple involving all students from various levels. Saturday, 21 July 2018 is a day of history for outstanding students. Their efforts to diligently learn are paid for by rewards that will boast of them and their parents. this school gives infinite awards to students who are called one after another to get prizes and scholarship achievements for six months. Even one semester they do not pay monthly dues for Rp. 650.000,00 or equivalent to $. 50.00 every month.

Those who get this prize are the first rank in every level of education and class. At least this school gives scholarship $. 5600.00 achievement every month. This effort is done to generate motivation to the students to continue to diligently explore their lessons. I see them very enthusiastic listening and following this event. The competitiveness they have made is an extraordinary surprise to their learning climate.

This activity gets special attention from education customers. this program has created a good student learning climate. They continue to develop their knowledge to compete with each other, learning motivation becomes the core of this achievement scholarship program, the foundation leader admits that the program is fueling a strong sense of learning.

Basically all learners are smart, but the vision and mission of the school will hone them into students of character. The purpose of education should be perceived by every educator. You who become stackholders will judge that the children who best absorb the lesson are the achieving children. Because every teaching material they learn will be an indicator of their achievement in the classroom. What about extracurricular? I think it is a "seasoning education" that makes learners feel at ease running a learning climate in a school. What do you think?

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