Are social networks more of a Boon than a Bane to our society?

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As we all know that everyone is liable to their own opinions, many notions have been expressed on the pros and cons of social network in our society but do we really express these opinions and views from a realistic perspective?

Let’s first take a look at what we refer to as Social Networks. Social networks refers to online platforms in which individuals comes together to share common interests, ideas, opinions and build social relations with people that have these same interests.images (4).jpeg

Some people have this view about social networks that it is dangerous, disadvantageous and brings more hazards to the society. Though their opinions aren’t invalid but come to think of it, is there anything in this life that has merits without having demerits? No, there isn’t. icf.jpg
All we have to do is to consider the domination of these two features; that is which one dominates the other (is it the advantages or disadvantages) and only then can we make an inference. Now, let’s check out few pros of social network that I believe they surpassed any other cons.

Communicating and receiving Information

Social networks are of great help in raising our voices and sharing our thoughts and perceptions, it makes our opinions be known to the public and enables it to reach our listeners. With the help of social networks we make new acquaintances with people that have the same interest as ours. Let’s take Steemit as an example, with the help of social networks, we steemians which writing articles with high qualities contents is our common interest, are able to meet one another and discuss issues that can improve the society and in which this wouldn’t have been possible without the advent of social networks.


With the help of social networks, crimes are being solved and reduced in the society if not totally eradicated, they helps to keep nations from external threats. Social networks have also aided in the prosecution and conviction of number of crimes, for example when the New York police department added a twitter tracking unit and use social networking to track down and arrest criminals who confidently boast of their crimes online, which all these wouldn’t have been possible without the invention of social media. If criminals are being caught with the help of social networks, I see no reason for us to label it to be more of a bane than boon to the society.

Employment opportunities

As we all know that getting a white collar jobs these days ain’t easy which this makes applicants applying for jobs to become sick and tired of applying in an old-fashioned way because most times, it eventually results in wastage of time but after the advent of social networks, candidates have been able to search for their desired jobs without moving out of their respective homes and they now have access to find different kind of job vacancies. With the help of social networks, employers have been able to devise a new selection method in their recruitment process. According to research 90% of employers are using social networks for hiring and in which it has saved companies from the stress of checking loads of applicants in person to see if they have their stated qualifications before the interview for the job.

Improving educational standard

With the help of social networks, students (especially those that are less privilege to go to school) can now go to online educational social platforms such as goggle, YouTube etc, search for topics they find hard and create lectures out it in which this had immensely increased the educational standard of the society. With the help social networks, students are now aware of scholarships online, apply for it and probably be lucky person to have it without moving an inch out of their residents for registrations or exams and in which this serves as a motivation for these student and encourage them to face their studies squarely thereby constituting in increase in educational standards.

By observing these merits we can see that social networks is really more of a boon than a bane to the society though it has its demerits like enable spread of false information, lacks of privacy, aids cyber abuse but all these cannot stand the achievement of those merits; that is the pros of this invention exceeds that of the cons.

Come to think of it, you are able to read this write-up and other write-ups only because of social networks. So I see no reason for us to label an invention that brings people with common interests together, bring families and friends together, helps to catch criminals, improve educational standard and lastly create job opportunities, being more harmful than useful.

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