A little bit about myself, the Cyber school project and the education trail

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A few weeks ago I decided to let my creative writing class sign up to the platform.  I am very glad to announce that a total of 61 students signed up to the platform.  All the students that signed up are either in their second last or final year of school.  If you would like to follow their work, please do so by checking under the gedwriting tag.  These students need constant motivation to stay on this platform, so if you happen to pass by, please make sure to comment on their posts. 

Back round information:

Today I want to tell you a little bit about our school.  We are an online school.  We have nearly a thousand students from all over the world.  By having a live class option, students from everywhere can join in on the lessons.  All the classes are taught in English and it is very personal.  We have a set timetable, so students know exactly when to log in. Students log in to the school platform, and open their calendars where all their work is displayed. This is done per grade so each student will see only the work for their particular grade.  

We have online classes from Grade 2 up to Grade 9 where-after we offer the GED option. Students can communicate with us via there microphones and they listen to me through headphones.  

We load the calendar on a daily basis with interesting work.  The students have a full day timetable, and time is scheduled on their calendar that includes research, and homework.  There is also a period for reading and projects.  Students are motivated to read as much as possible to improve their reading and writing.  We also offer various courses that student's can complete during school hours.  

How does it work?

A student logs into class and we have a normal 30 minute lesson with them.  There is no limit to the amount of students we can have in one class, and some classes have as much as 35 students in one class.  The beautiful thing about this, is that students are at home while I am able to work from home.  We do not have any class interruptions and we can use the full 30 minutes constructively. 

We are a totally virtual school.  We communicate via emails and literally do everything online.

Students write online assessments and upload projects to the platform for marking.  This specifically triggered me to motivate the students to sign up for Steemit.  I am able to read all their work here on the Steemit platform and then give them a mark according to a rubric I create for each project on the Cyber school platform.  

If you would like to find out more about our school, you can go and do some reading on this page.  www.cyberschoolgroup.com 

A little bit of information about myself

Before I came to Cyber school I was a primary school teacher and later I went on to teach High school kids.  I believe that it is my calling to be a teacher and do the work that I do.  I have been a teacher now for 23 years and I still enjoy it every day.  I currently teach Mathematics, English and Science.  I love all three these subjects and find it very interesting to teach.  Science is a very wide open subject and if you ask the kids you will hear that we have some very interesting class discussions.  I am a very open minded teacher and my students are very open in their discussions with me.

Education trail

I have opened myself to become an active curator for the education trail.  I am available on Steemit chat as @giantbear and also on discord. Click here 

I am currently looking for a proper team of curators to help me out.  It would be absolutely wonderful if we can get other teachers to join in and help make this platform into an even greater platform.  I would like to ask all other teachers on this platform to join me in my curation work here on Steemit.  Should anyone wish to join me in this trail, please comment or contact me on discord/steemit chat.  

Your efforts will be highly appreciated!

Please follow me 

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On-line wasn't even a thing when I was at school, but when I was 13 we got a Teletype that could connect to a local college so we could learn to program. Things have changed a lot and the possible jobs for the kids have changed too. I wish them lots of success


These kids are amazing! They are so self disciplined and really enjoy school. We try and make it interesting for them as school can be so boring. Learning can be a lot of fun!


This made me laugh...poor thing...thanks for this!

My s0n's school(Kindergarten) is quite a bit of distance from me but he will soon be attending school near me. With my current situation, I believe this Cyber-School will be the perfect solution! He already likes the idea.
We can always find friends for him by going out. Resteemed ;)


Contact me on yvettedb1971@gmail.com


I will be in contact very soon :)

I think your project with the class is really a great (and innovative) project! When I was a student in the High School (ehm, about 30 years ago ^^ ) I had my first lessons about the computer science, we don't have the access to the net (I'm talking about the "prehistoric era" ^^), but the first lessons about BASC changed my life. I can only image how much your project could be change the life for your students! :D


I hope it makes a difference. I truly want them to get to know themselves through their writing. Some are very active on the platform and I am amazed at the support that they receive. I am so happy for them all.



Thank you!

Very nice and interesting post!!


Thank you @rynow! How are your children doing at university. I miss my son so much.


So far they are enjoying it very much and it is going well with them.

I am looking forward to read a report on the project with the class, in let's say, a month or two from now. Please do not hesitat to share.

in any case, good luck with your education-trail project! I


Thank you.. not sure how this project will play out but I know the committed ones will stay. Quite a few students doing very well on the platform.....
Need to do a separate post for the education trail, and will hopefully get a better response. Thanks for the encouragement :)