@dilimunanzar Thanks. Here is the thing about smartphone photography.
Almost every smartphone is saving photos in .jpg, because of the size of the file, senzor itd....
You can download some apps, that will allows you to shoot in ".raw". can I put this....It's only marketing. They can sell more apps if they use the defficition ".raw" files, but reality is, that its just a little better as a .jpg!
You will notice the difference... but as I told you, it not true .raw ! I recommend to download a lightroom app and take photos thru the app. You photos will instantly look better. :)
Iphone 6s

Wow.. Its so wonderful shot, I would like to try it, Thanks so much for information about My question @marjanko

@diliminanzar You are welcome 🤘If you need any infos and if I can help.... I’m happy to 👌

Sip.. Sip.. I would..

You can add me on Discord Marjanko #3389

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