My Thursday with Women Empowerment ( 28 June 2018)

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Dear Steemians,

Yesterday we had our training class for @WomenEmpowerment. I am working in the development of the project a step ahead to set up a shop to display their work and gain visibility of the work. To do this, I am raising fund for the project on Fundition.

28 June 2018

I would like to keep the training continues for free. We will look forward to talking about the new shop and how we can do more impact in our community as soon as we can raise required fund through @fundition.

Yesterday around 10 women and girls were in the training. I made a video and will love to upload it as soon as find time for it. The orders from @jessicakluthe and @R2cornell are in process. Ashnara, Mahmuda will do it.


Our trainer was supporting them and was doing the measurement of clothes. It is Friday, and more busy day when I supposed to enjoy only weekly day off. I hope I will able to write post for women empowerment soon and after the preyers.

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Awesome work dear,it will help all

Wow!! Awesome mate.. work like this quite encouraging.. #women power

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What a great project!