How can we motivate our children to do the school task ?

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Several scientific studies have shown that children are much more apt to succeed in learning when their family members actively support them, that is, when family members read with children, talk with their teachers, participate in school or in other educational activities and help them with their homework, this gives them a great advantage.

It is very important to talk with our children about the importance of homework and how a good education can benefit them throughout their lives. There are many educators who do not accept that children do homework at the preschool stage, however, there are educators who consider them necessary, as they help stimulate the development of children at an early age.


The school task is a great opportunity for our children to learn and for family members to participate in their children's education, but we must take into account the following:

  • Set a schedule for the child to do homework.

  • It is necessary that the child has rested at the time of doing their homework, that is, when they are not hungry or sleepy.

  • Locate a clean and adequate site.

  • When necessary we must help them.

  • Eliminate distractions (TV, phones, computers, carts, dolls, etc.).

  • We must not put pressure on the child.

  • Have the necessary materials (notebook, pencil, erase, colors, glue, etc.).

  • Let the child do his homework, remember that they are children and their tasks will not be perfect.

  • We should not worry about pre-school tasks, the tasks are according to their age and ability.

  • If we have any concerns with the tasks, it is best to talk with the teacher.

  • If the tasks are very long, schedule breaks during the session for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • We must value the tasks of our children no matter how small or simple they may be.

  • It is necessary for the child to try, explore and discover his own method to solve problems.

  • Supervise the tasks.


Some children have difficulty doing their homework or simply say that homework is boring. If your child has this type of problem, it is advisable to put into practice the following:

  • Be patient if the child has difficulty in some topic. Explain in a very simple and practical way when you have to do tasks of the subject that does not dominate.

  • Always show him all your love and affection. This will stimulate him, besides feeling loved.

  • The right words motivate the children to perform school tasks with more enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. If you can, congratulate him in front of someone when he does his tasks, since in this way he will feel valued.

  • Provide the child with the necessary school supplies. Going with the child to buy the materials is another way to enthuse him, since he will want to get home quickly to use his new tools.

  • Congratulate him always for each achievement and reward him, the prize can be a cake, a walk, watch more television hours, go to the park, etc. This means for them an excellent reward to fight for.

The school task has the function of strengthening the knowledge that has been obtained during the classes but also, they have the function of teaching your child to be responsible, organized and independent.

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Thank you for the tips, i will apply some of them ^^ I follow you, your blog seems interesting to me, sgame on me that i have discover it only now =(